Mambo Vemuteyo (TrapKing) Uses Music For Narrative Awareness: Genuinely Empowering The Girl Child

By Tawanda Chari

Narrative awareness attempts to help girls, young men, and their families to “re-author” their lives through a gradual but thoroughly sure process of education, self-awareness, and empowerment. Especially where it assumes a counter-hegemonic outlook.

Bigtkayz, also known as Mambo Vemuteyo (TrapKing), attempts to accomplish this mostly through music.

Mwanasikana Ngwara Iwe is an audio-visual exposition inspired by a true story. It mirrors a young girls life in how it was lost, preyed on, and used; with the heartrending abandonment that followed, ultimately leading to Melos death.

That was 2016. And Melody is not the only victim of this abuse and neglect. Mambo Vemuteyo has been carrying that pain for 6 years now.  

It is a story that reflects the pain and shattered hopes of a million other girls and young women due to a conflation of several factors militating against genuine human progress and liberation.

The song has two meanings. The first is a challenge to society to do better in making the world a safer place. Not just for young women and girls, although that is the main agenda.

The other part is encouraging young women and girls to wise up. To be conscious. To develop and disseminate counter-hegemonic narratives. 

To be able to navigate their lives without being manipulated and preyed on. It is an altruistic message coming from a place of pain.

Stream the music video for Mwanasikana Ngwara Iwe by Bigttkayz/Mambo Vemuteyo (TrapKing)  here and share with us your thoughts:

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