New Sound Selectas Pon The Block: Triple B Sound Light Up Nightlife in Harare and Chinhoyi

 By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

When it comes to keeping revellers in the finest of spirits all night long, trust Triple B Sound to do a remarkably pristine job. Their immaculate understanding of sound systems leaves one’s ears craving for more. And, by simply working their magic at the decks, they have since declared that Harare and Chinhoyi are theirs for the taking.


Triple B is a duo of DJs who are fiercely determined to mark their territory as the finest in town. The deejaying duo is made up of DJ Wxyne Wizzle and MC Kharizma.

Their sound mixing finesse is mostly exhibited through the Jongwe Corner franchise; Jongwe Corner Harare (in Hatfield), and Jongwe Corner Chinhoyi. They also play at other joints and functions such as weddings around the city.

Watching them perform and keeping crowds on their feet is a marvel. They have become specialists in the mastery of perfection as far as deejaying goes. Entertainment is what courses through the duo’s veins and arteries.

ZimSphere’s Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza managed to speak with the 26-year-old Wayne Matiyenga (DJ Wxyne Wizzle), who painted a good picture of what it means to be a sound selecta. And he owes his musical consciousness to his childhood days.

DJ Wxyne Wizzle

“Ever since I was a child I was into music and my brother was into computing so I had access to a computer, I think it was 2011 or 2012, and whenever I saw a computer I would look for VIRTUAL DJ and start mixing music, but it was just mixing disorderly. I really had a passion and that time I always said to myself that I’m good at this, and I could boldly say to anyone ‘I know how to mix music when in reality I didn’t really know much about that. Dzaingovawo nharo.

“In high school I tried to enter the Entertainment Committee at Nyatsime College and no one would look at me; they wanted those who were intelligent academically, and I was intelligent musically. So my brother was also into music and he had all types of music though he mostly liked Hip-Hop and RnB, yet, for me, I was into Jamaican Dancehall so he would burn’ CDs for me, separately from his, so that when I wanted to listen to music I could go simply use the DVD and play my Dancehall.”

DJ Wxyne Wizzle’s profound love for music was so immense that he could not even focus academically without the aid of music. And in all this, his ear for mixing and selecting sounds was being refined in the most artistically amazing ways. And that is how the Jongwe Corner story happened.

“I was into music so much that even when it came to reading books at school I could only understand stuff if I plugged in my earphones and people would say how do you focus on reading while playing music and I was like ndopandotonzwisisa ipapo ndikatoverenga ndisina chandikunzwa ndopedzisira ndakutofunga zvisina basa. That time I used to go to the club just to see and listen to how DJs played, and would be rating my self from them, so in 2017 we shifted to Mainway Meadows [Waterfalls] from Chitungwiza and that’s when I met my mentor at Jongwe Corner.

“His name is DJ K OSS. I would go to JC to listen to music and one day I decided to go on the stage to talk to him and told him that you are the best, and I asked him for his number with the hope that he would teach me how to -play and mix music. He was humble, he gave me his number then we started talking, during which period the people at home bought me  laptop for tertiary studies because that time I was doing a Diploma in Applied Marketing with Midlands State University.

 I really wanted to do the same studies at Trust Academy in town and K OSS stayed in Sunningdale 2 so we arranged that after school I would go to Sunningdale to have lessons with him. So I went to his place and he gave me 2 folders of music - one for House and the other one for Dancehall, he gave me the Itch Riddim and he said that if I’m able to play and mix House music then I wouldn’t have any problems with all other genres. 

I quickly grasped the concepts and he told me to go practise at home, I walked from Sunningdale back to Waterfalls on foot with my laptop on my ear busy listening to the Itch Riddim! From that experience, I started going with K OSS to functions and he would give me the chance to play and mix songs whenever he was exhausted and from then I started improving and improving, up to where I am now. I am now good at this.” 

MC Kharizma

He gives his credits to DJ K Oss, Mai Jordan, DJ Oliver Twist since those are the people whom he worked with first in his deejaying career. He is now working with MC Kharizma as Triple B and also credits his current management Boss Chau. DJ Wxyne Wizzle is also working with the ever-talented stable Cymplex Music. He also appreciates his mother’s role for her unwavering support throughout all the phases of his childhood and blossoming career.

As of the challenges that Triple B is currently facing, he remarked, “Now we are not yet established so we face financial challenges; like, the whole gear that we use is expensive, the DJ controller is expensive, and it has to be there always. So affording the ones that we desire and the ones which work perfectly for our modern contexts is a huge challenge. And, I hope to be a great DJ and to be known worldwide.”

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