Cleo Arie Asserts Her Presence With New Song and Lyric Video 'Jah Bless'

 By Donald Gwasira

EMPAWA 100 finalist Cleo Arie has broken her 3-year musical silence with the release of her latest offering titled ‘Jah Bless’.

Cleo Arie New song lyrics video jah bless


Produced by Victor Enlisted, the song highlights Cleo’s guitar skills which she says is a journey to discover her perfect spot in this evolving music industry.

In an exclusive interview with Zimbuzz in Harare recently she revealed that adding an acoustic sound has pushed her to find a perfect sound that suits her voice.

“In terms of sound what has changed is the fact that I have incorporated the guitar into my music, I did not have the consciousness to know what sets me apart from other female artists, now that I have embraced being a guitarist, I have decided to add more acoustic sound to my Afro-pop journey, so at the beginning of the song you hear the acoustic stings”, said Cleo.

Jah Bless has got various street interpretations such as lining all the goals according to plan and asking for guidance and protection from God in case the enemies want to derail you.

When asked what was going on in her life the moment she was writing the ‘Jah Bless’ piece the songbird said she wrote it from a place of prayer.

“When I wrote Jah Bless I was in a space I felt I could not do it on my own as a guitarist, I wrote it in place of prayer because I was having some alone time and I figured out that people need God in their day to day lives because it’s a cold world out there.

The song talks about God blessing our day-to-day dealings in order to take care of the families”, she explained

Following her three-year break from the music scene, Cleo Arie has assured us that she is now more serious than before with her music.

“I’m still trying to learn my way around this industry because I have been out of the game for some time so I’m just experimenting with sounds like Amapiano, Afro-pop, and house music to find which sound best suits my voice I’m learning myself as an artist as well”, she emphasized.

“I really look forward to working with Nutty O, Tammy Moyo, Ammara Brown, Anita Jackson, Nyasha David, and obviously the Big man Winky D”, she said with a smile.

Below is the new visualizer to Cleo Arie's new track titled “Jah Bless” produced by Victor Enlisted.

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