Major Kids: DaKid Verse and Dough Major Come Trough With New Release 'One at a Time'

In One at a Time, tenacious and gifted Zim Hip Hop rappers Dakid Verse and Dough Major preach the indispensably motivational message of never giving up; the ineluctable message of mustering patience in life to surmount obstacles thrown away that hinder our individual and collective progress.

By Brandon Mwanza

Step by step, day by day; taking everything with each and every single day that comes. Important and fundamental life lessons are the key lessons exuded by the duo in their new audio-visual offering. It radiates Sabali as termed in Bambara which translates to Patience, this being one of the main themes on this collaboration.

Video title and intro for One at a time by Dakid verse and Dough major
Screen grab from the official video on Leoy V's Letter Z Music Factory 

The song ONE AT A TIME by Dakid Verse and Dough Major opens with melodic tunes by DaKid Verse. He then delivers a message-rich verse which speaks to having patience in life and never giving up when one faces seemingly insurmountable obstacles:

 Mama told me don’t give up on yourself

 Chero zvakaoma keep on keeping on.

 Keep your faith strong and your head high

Don’t rush the process

The chorus follows a verse by Dough Major. The award-winning rapper has proved beyond reasonable doubt why he deserves the awards and why he is one of the best in the game. 

Shebeen Rap, as Dough Major calls it, has been steadily developing over the years and we know when Dough plays even Major players are going to listen. 

He opens the verse by sharing invaluable words of wisdom as shared by his father:

Ukada kutema shiri mbiri ne dombo one

Unokwara ne nzara.  Zvagara ukakara


The message is in line with the theme and speaks to focusing on goals one by one. Trusting the process.  

The production on ONE AT A TIME shows mastery in the art; Dakid Verse and Dough Major reciprocated the energy by giving off top tier motivational and inspirational verses. We look forward to more collaborations between the two.

Leoy V of Letter Z Music Factory blessed the song with a visually-apt presentation of the work. It does well in showing what the artists wanted to tell the world without being cliche or banal. The good directing is laudable.

ONE AT A TIME by Dakid Verse and Dough Major is now available on streaming platforms and you can watch the song's video on the YouTube link below and tell us what you think:


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