Kay Gee 40's Music Video for 'Mama Said' Makes You Ask, "What Are Without The Love of our Mothers?"

By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

Kay Gee 40, originating from Mutare but plying his trade in Harare, released a thoughtful and  introspective EP titled Nothing Without in which he ruminates over the randomness, beauty, and pains of life via soul-touching raps and melodies. 

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Kay Gee 40. He is also the brand ambassador for Herbal Supremacy. 

The Ndiri Ghetto hitmaker (which features fellow Mutare rapper Flexxo Mushawarukwa) also identifies as an ethnomusicologist and beatmaker. On top of soothing vocals. Multi-talented. 

In that EP is a track, Mama Said, in which Kay Gee 40 self-examines his place in the world as a man, and how facing his responsibilities is a herculean task if he does not reflect on his mother's unconditional love. 

Earlier this year, Kay Gee 40 released the video for Mama Said, with shots that aim towards conveying some non-negotiable solemnities. It is a video in which the camera solely focuses on Kay Gee 40, the protagonist of his own life story. There is not much variety in the song, nor are there luxurious shots and angles. 

This becomes Kay Gee 40's way of sending the message "Mama told me be a man" without unnecessary distractions. We are nothing without the love of our mothers, - especially when faced with a contemporary society that pressurizes you to "be a man" - we are darkness if we do not appreciate the role of mothers in our lives. 

Being the protagonist of his life story, and as he faces manly responsibilities in his life - leading, providing, being a voice of reason - he needs to draw from his mother's infinite fountain of wisdom to withstand all the pressures and hurdles. And as he comforts himself from the passing on of his uncle.  

Kay Gee 40's raps tell us of how life originates with the mother - and him taking the video around a water body shows how much he savours life. For water is life after all. 

It is always important to reciprocate the love shown to us through maternal support. It can be argued that the love of a mother is the purest in the world, and that it is unconditional. Which, when you think deep on it, borders on the divine. At least for those who believe in such. 

Anyway, you can watch the video for Mama Said off the Nothing Without EP by Kay Gee 40 via this YouTube link and reach a verdict for yourself. 

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