Bold Romantic Declarations By Chris James and Phreshy in the Song 'More Than Friends'

By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza 

One thing we know for sure is that Chris James' beautifully stretched and pitched vocal projection will take your mind on some relationship tours. And it becomes all the more convincing when his voice meets that of Phreshy - the two create undeniable RnB sounds that are laden with emotional proclivities. 

Chris James' new song More Than Friends which features Phreshy engenders this - the beauty of their combination as a force conveying soothing RnB sounds is tellingly irrefutable. 

The two artists previously featured together in the visuals for Why, in which Phreshy takes her time to lament how she is seemingly stuck in an endless cycle of a toxic relationship. 

On More Than Friends, Chris James does not take forever to express his position towards the woman he is romantically pursuing. He boldly refuses to be stuck in the gray area that makes one a friend, and not a romantic partner. And his diction is revealing - he abhors being "tormented" if the friendzone keeps its shackles on him.

On a steady progression of a compelling RnB sound that seems coalesced with Afrobeat influences, the romantic aura exuded in this song, complemented by Phreshy's vocals, both artists express their real intentions in straightforward ways. 

In a sense the song may make one feel a desire for more romantic lines, but the artists, representing the bottled emotions of the two potential partners crushing on each other for some time, feel vindicated. On the overall, it is a song that grabs your sensitivity when it comes to matters of the heart.

Chris James continually perfects his sound, as he released the album Legend Status last year. One cannot doubt the passion he conveys through the mic. 

For emphasis' sake, the combination of Chris James and Phreshy on RnB joints must never stop. 

Listen to More Than Friends by Chris James and Phreshy via this YouTube link and reach your own verdict. 

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