REFRESHING SOUNDS - ProGIsTheName Joins Forces With Nigerian Artist Ivory Blue in Afro-Inclined Song 'Nawtii'

By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

ProGIsTheName, who has carved his niche with singles that are borderline Hip-Hop, RnB, and AfroBeats/Pop, is on an irreversible path to increase the visibility of his sound and brand. By conflating these various strands of urban music, he is is making himself a unique artist, with the liberty to do what he pleases with his identity. 

This time around, he has roped in his Nigerian fellow artist, Ivory Blue in an easy-going but catchy bop titled Nawtii. It is a song in which they relax their seriousness to blend in an organic AfroBeat vibe that borrows heavily from Nigerian sounds in terms of the instrumentation. 

But whether one may have qualms with that, it works perfectly well to give the track an effortless African mood and tone - perhaps just what ProGIsTheName wanted the tune to be. 

It is this versatility that we commend the most on ProGIsTheName as he preaches his desires for good vibes from a member of the opposite sex whom he finds naughty. 

When compared with songs such as Mbinga by ProGIsTheName, it becomes apparent that he has the artistic freedom to jump from a certain style to another; he refuses to be confined by genre classification. 

What he is concerned with is conveying a plethora of urban sounds to satisfy the young urban populace which consumes the said sounds. And it explains why he had to call Ivory Blue to spice up his perceived urban sound.

One thing is for certain - the vibes in Nawtii are hard to resist.

You can listen to Nawtii by Progisthename and Ivory Blue via this YouTube link and tell us what you think.

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