"My Career Is Between A Rock And A Hard Place" - An Exclusive With Voltz As He Opens About His Career, Mula Nation, And 'Mayhem and Melodies'

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

22-year-old Nkosi Sibiya, otherwise known as Voltz (Jecha Trap Music), a Chitungwiza bred hip hop sensation and Engineering student at the University of Zimbabwe, has opened up about the vicissitudes of the music industry he has had to stoically endure. He recently penned a contract with Mula Nation and has in the past enjoyed a fair share of glory with his breakthrough hit – Masinhi

Likewise, the journey to stardom in Zimbabwe is tumultuous, very demanding, and in the end, it is the struggles that actually build these inspirational stories. Below is an excerpt from a chat this author had with the gifted rapper as Voltz tells us about his career. Mayhem and Melodies EP is his first full body project with his new stable.

“So, this EP [Mayhem and Melodies] expresses my emotions drawn from my darkest moments, as the name suggests, Mayhem and Melodies, I channeled all my dark thoughts and chaos in my mind to melodies (music). 

My career is between a rock and a hard place now because my graph dropped, I’m not doing as well as my fans expected from the start, especially in the year 2020. I guess I've suffered abandonment and rejection and most of the times I picked up the pen I felt like expressing how low my self-esteem is. 

But this EP is not all about complaining about my misfortunes, it's about picking myself up from the dirt and making a statement to myself and to my listeners that I am a fighter. The first song on the EP, Grind Rangu, is about conveying a message to all those who don’t believe in me anymore to stop killing my vibe. 

The song Shiri feat Kerposh is about preaching dreams and expressing how bad we wanna make it even though it's hard; Shine feat. Beav City is basically a happy song but with a message warning people as well as myself about how everybody around is tryna make it hence you should be vigilant in case some of them succeed at  your expense. 

However, 2020 has not been all dark; I got signed to Scrip Mula's label Mula Nation, and I have a feeling great things are going to come from that 'coz Mula Nation is full of talented artists and producers. 

The first song I was featured in Mula Nation projects was Usatani - Scrip Mula featuring Voltz and Rockie Doub. The song is doing well on the Power FM Hip Hop Bassment charts currently (at the time of this writing). In 2021 I'll be releasing a lot of new music, singles, and EPs. I feel I do not have enough energy for an album now.” 

And that's Voltz, detailing his journey in the game, and his future plans. 

By strict music verdicts, we view Mayhem and Melodies as his litmus test so far, and for the whole year to measure his voltage. Zim Hip Hop fans have already seen this talent but there is more about this young rapper, a story that needs to be told and a career that has to be taken care of. 

Voltz also opened up about a chillout with Tehn Diamond who also attests to this new wave of Jecha Trap.

You can check out Mayhem and Melodies EP by Voltz via this YouTube link and remember to always share with us your feedback. 

You can watch the Grind Rangu video by Voltz via this link. 

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