The Goons and Gangs of Mutare Validate and Support Edge Sparta's Sure Rise

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

“Dancehall nice again” is the equal to first sight love when it comes to songs like Goons and Gangs by Edge Sparta. From the name Sparta, he confirms drawing inspiration from Tommy Lee and now he embodies that dancehall flair. With the demise of its long serving king (RIP Soul Jah Love), ZimDancehall was left orphaned and gasping for air.

It surely was not a one-man genre but the sentiments are accompanied by claims that modern chanters are losing the hardcore sound of the genre. Amongst a few gifted chanters who have not fancied partying ways with originality is the Mutare born and bred artist Edge Sparta.

We bumped onto this artist in one of High Drive Zw's mixtapes called BadBoyz by Dj Mambo and Mc Texx. His song Goons and Gangs is the only track by an underground dancehall artist in the mixtape in which household names feature. He is a gem; and being underground is the only vindication as to why he has not stormed the scene yet. These are also indicators of how the music landscape has only accommodated a few yet the talent is awash in all corners of the country.

The Goons and Gangs video artfully exposes and mimics the daily chain-gang life associated with the majority of youths in urban areas. In this display, the concept subtly captures the dynamics of life in the high density suburbs and importantly a generic growth of cliques – goons and gangs. And that is for social solidarity considering how tough and alienating urban life can be.

The video features popular mafia in Mutare and the huge turnout of people in it is another sign of approval from the Eastside community. He has since released a follow up track to the success of
Goons and Gangs called Approval. Edge Sparta is an avid lover of the ‘bando’ commonly known as base in the ghetto as he keeps reiterating how those spots are crucial in the attainment of validation of good dancehall.

We briefly look into Edge Sparta’s biography as told through an interview with High Drive FM. This echoes the importance of independent media organizations for new music and new talent as big platforms may fail to reach out. Formerly known as Madkid, Takudzwa Kamupunga Murasi says the transfiguration to Edge Sparta is a resemblance of self-awareness and literal growth from boyhood.

He reveals attending Mutanda Primary School and Sakubva 1 High. "I started music way early as 2008 but age being a major constraint, my destiny remained out of sight till 2013 and I started recording. The truth is music is hard, for people to keep track of your music, a lot has to be done but I appreciate Boss Penwise, he sponsored my appearance on Star FM." cited Edge Sparta. He is a Spartan loyalist and playing protégé to his inspiration Tommy Lee Sparta is just but a manifestation of the heavy influence. His catalogue consists of fairly hardcore dancehall, which is currently scarce and on the verge of distinction.

A down to earth but gifted chanter, Edge Sparta starred with Goons and Gangs, a track that meets all sorts of standards to a dancehall fan and it is clearly (and potentially) his breakthrough song. Goons and Gangs saw Edge Sparta attain nods from various corners in Mutare. He narrates "Mahwindi epa Nyamahuru (touts at Nyamahuru) gave me a strong validation, almost every kombi in Mutare and Star Fm endorsed my track."

He was crowned best dancehall artist for 2020 at Mutare Worx Awards.  He is going to drop his debut album this year and only revealed that there will be 12 tracks. A new track called Approval is his latest project where he embraces Mutare’s approval as their best kept secret on the dancehall scene.

Watch the elegant video for Goons and Gangs using this YouTube link and tell us what you think.

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