Tanto Wavie’s Unending Love With Marijuana – Proper 420 Celebration in New Song & Video ‘Kete’

 By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza 

It is an open secret that Tanto Wavie is unapologetic about his weed shenanigans and gwans, and that whenever he gets the opportunity in his amazingly creative spaces, he puts voice on the beat to exalt the glorifying nature of ganja.

Tanto Wavie Kete

The most appealing feature of his cannabis raps is that he painstakingly debunks the myths and stereotypes associated with cannabis consumption (he favours consuming it through smoking) while effortlessly seaming into melodious sounds which you cannot afford to ignore.

This time around he released the song and video Kete, which is an adamant celebration of the 420 culture. Riding on his unique variant of the genre which he has aptly named TrapSu (a conflation of the Trap sound and Sungura), he delivers this tune with breathtaking precision. Kete is one of those tracks which immediately thrusts you in the middle of a base somewhere in urban Zimbabwe’s high-density suburbs, enjoying smoke sessions and the meditation. The song is one big hug to everyone who loves the harmless herb called marijuana.

He takes pride in weed smoking, castigating those who negatively view weed, disturbing the peace of the weed smokers in the process. He takes shots at those who snitch weed smoking spots/bases to the police, arguing that no one understands the pain of weed smokers when they are thrown behind police cells for simply smoking the herb. And he says such people are the ones with dirty hearts.

His sound gives him the chance to talk about the herb in its explicit, unbounded sense – using the Shona word mbanje. With his message being that mbanje is the Creator’s blessing to mankind and that it heals people’s ailments – it is the healing of the nation. Mbanje yangu handisiyi ndongokutii sorry, he proclaims, in a beautifully intransigent tone. Such a gratifying tune for those who consume marijuana. And the bars are purely splendid. 

We will not say anything further, except that you can watch the video for Kete by Tanto Wavie via this YouTube link.

And feel for yourself.

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