REFRESHING SOUNDS - 10 Miles Logan Claiming His Space In The Game

 By Takudzwa Kadzura

Whilst browsing 10 Miles Logan's YouTube uploads, I came across a 5-year-old clip of him saying something indistinctively about hustle, the ghetto and something relating to FIO (Highfield). He was overwhelmed with a performance of the previous night. The first impression you get is that 10 Miles is a courageous musician from the ghetto. His usual compatriots C-law, Drastick, and everyone else from that clique are from the hood - and they spend their time in the streets trying to collect some revenue, although music is their heartbeat. 

10 Miles, despite his gangly vibes, is quite gifted with vocals such that you may fail to connect his personality to the melodies exhibited in his sounds. There is more and more to dwell on.

Born Sydney Tafadzwa Manyara in 1991 in a family of four, 10 Miles Logan accredits his family for anchoring the start of his music journey, first through his schooling days. It was only in 2009 that he was encouraged to get into a studio by a friend who had noticed his talent. 

Since then, he has recorded dozens of songs notably a 6-track EP called Family Comes 1st which he proudly describes as a platform for the world to intimately know who he is. 10 Miles is true testimony that a journey of a thousand miles can start with a few steps. 

“Before prayers at home and church while growing up, my parents would always ask me to sing and put people in the spiritual mood,” he said. 

Miles recalls how he discovered that he had a unique voice and was good at singing at a very young age. He draws inspiration from Drake’s ability to sing and rap in one song whilst admitting that 50 Cent has incredible influence on his style. There is indeed an influx of youths turning up today with undeniable gifts especially in the music industry, most of which fail to get acknowledgement owing to various reasons and this is the case we have with the Highfields bred talented artist. 

C-law has engineered most of 10 Miles' projects and Family Comes 1st EP is the most recent full scale project. He has effectively utilized his singing abilities on real touching tracks like Mama and Depend on me which carry powerful messages about personal relationships.

Now that attention is getting on his side he has promised to elevate his game to deserving heights. 

Sending respect to Trevor Tom for being the plug. Check out his EP Family Comes 1st via this link.

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