Sinbad 90 Unfazed By Jealous Critics in 'Pray Fi Dem' Song and Lyric Video

 By Takudzwa Hillary Chiwanza

The man behind the Bhundu lifestyle never misses with his offerings, giving us Pray Fi Dem this time around in which he castigates strongly those who speak ill of his hard work, which puts him at a better position than them. 

sinbad 90 dollasign music pray fi dem

Sinbad 90 in Pray Fi Dem is dismissive of jealous critics who never cease to oppose any move he makes. If he buys a car, they say he should have bought a different model; if he buys that different model they say he should have bought some sort of immovable property; and if he purchases that said property they rush to say that he acquired the money by fraudulent means or that he used some black magic to that effect. 

All Sinbad is conveying, and confirming too, is that people will never stop to talk about you. And being judgmental over the moves you make. So, make those moves despite the ravages of the grapevine. 

His instrumental of choice reflects a man who has been deep in the streets, armed with intricate knowledge of the streets, as well as professing a tacit (and express) loyalty to the street code. It is a sound cold enough yet captivating to teach you about being street-wise. And Sinbad 90 always excels in this department of his art. Credit goes to Ipro the Producer. 

And there is reference to that word, kungwavha. 

So, even if these critics say whatever they want, not knowing how much hard you are working, we must pray for them, and reply them with love. This is what Sinbad is telling us. Pray fi dem, vanamitirei.

Love is the answer. 

Watch the lyric video of Pray Fi Dem by Sinbad 90 via this YouTube link. And subscribe to those Dollasign Music shenanigans! 

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