The Wound That Never Healed - Kae Chaps Drops 'Vanga' Album

 By Takudzwa Kadzura 

Vanga by Kae Chaps is an album that did not come as a surprise. It has dropped as one of the most anticipated Zim Hip Hop projects. The 23-year-old singer and rapper, Kudakwashe Chapepa, known otherwise as Kae Chaps, is arguably a generational talent. Undoubtedly gifted with incredible vocal cords, the young man has tightened his grip on the focus rendered to him by radio and prominent artists who have endorsed him countlessly. 

Kae Chaps album Vanga

Three years ago Kae Chaps escaped death from a vicious Harare-night attack on his way home from a music show he was performing. The scars he sustained and psychological trauma from that incident constitute a large chunk of his drive. The name
Vanga/scar signifies that but those who have listened to the album can confirm that he was not singing about this incident. 

Higher chances are that artists with great melodies will always pop up with a love song. Kae Chaps in track Ndozvazviripo chronicles a battle of two emotions, music and relationships – I love you but I love music way more. For an artist who has managed to build from scratch, an album is certainly a crucial step and it justifies the hype. He talks about his grandmother, drinking habits, love and importantly censors his tongue to keep the music clean. 

In the skit Ambuya, grandmother provokes emotion when she says “ndimi vana baba vacho” and her involvement in Vanga displays her attachment to the pillar of her dreams. Kae Chaps and Futronics are a force that has been formidable for a longtime and have produced several songs up to this day.

About collaborations, Qounfuzed dived in with a Makuhwa remix. Many would argue Makuhwa is the top track in the album, and the video brought him a television appearance. Kae Chaps confirmed that he is working on videos for the album.  

Another prominent vocalist, Tytan, features on Mai Boy track. R Peels as usual laid a powerful verse and fits well in Kae Chaps’ inspirations as a youth, “takamasimudza masaga to get recording money”.  Punchline, Killz and Sakina Godwin also starred. In the song Sahwira, he brings in modern social trends amongst youths and deep rooted friendships. Our best friends accept us as we are but there are cases like, “ndakakumbira base tikabuda tarikita mazowe, rofu ranga rasara nepolony, asi Sahwira usaore moyo”.

Six Malabel is a song that everybody who drinks gets a chance to vibe with Kae Chaps. The song Mavanga communicates a message to the “potential bae” and that she should only love you back if she’s knowledgeable about your flaws/Vanga

In as much as he continues to rap, it is undeniable that his voice is a top drawer when it comes to soulful pop culture. Credit should also be accorded to the beat makers and Level 8 Entertainment for technically aiding the drop. 

The boy’s scar has not healed according to the message in the album. He is yet to escape the horrifying incident and relationships breakdown. As Gogo wishes, the scar will heal and Chaps will find time to enjoy with her.

You can get Vanga by Kae Chaps via this link and tell us how it sounds. 

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