Hillzy's New 'Chisikana' EP Finally Arrives

 By Takudzwa Kadzura

Definitely a worthy long wait for an EP that left tongues wagging and raised eyebrows in the industry. Definitely an anxious wait like a grey-ticked DM to a crush or precisely an open Twitter shot, we have seen those. It is out of intention that I couldn’t have likened it to chibhorani stories, those ancient days of waiting by the borehole for the dream village girl to arrive. 

The Chisikana EP had been previously scheduled for July the 3rd but for unknown explanations October seized the history making. Artists like Hillzy, Gemma, Shasha and Garry Mapanzure have reminded the world that our urban space is alive. Hillzy, at 26, is an AFRIMA Best RnB holder and the inclusion of a BET winner in the EP is a formidable attempt again this year. 

Hilary Chipunza is a trapsoul and R&B artist/producer who has amassed remarkable numbers with hits like Muroora and TV Room. His story has been technically powered by not only tuneful vocals, but being a qualified computer scientist too, something which has provided a significant edge over his compatriots. 

Chisikana is the second full length project from the youthful singer and the track-list is composed of artists that people have always wanted to keep up with. In Zimbabwean music circles, it is now a matter of proving hype, and this is what seems to be every artist’s drive. 

A track like Without A Doubt is undoubtedly a plain hit. Whilst the project covers a love storyline there is always room for artists who are inclined to hip hop to rap their hearts out, to spit. This is what you find in the track HeavensI’m a king in the streets…school these rappers with a single degree! This is the energy that breathes life in contemporary genres.

Nakupenda extends Hillzy’s companionship with Garry Mapanzure. In this Afro pop love tale there are further revelations that ‘waiting’ constitutes an integral part of this love game. Premiere with Gemma Griffiths is arguably the standout track and a Hillzy chorus backed up by Gemma is a soulful experience lovebirds can dine with. Take Your Time is the other side of a naughty hopeless romantic and it features Y Cee.

The most anticipated collaboration with ShaSha unfortunately ends the romance. Like any other love story, whether an infatuation or long-term relationship, there is a time to say Goodbye. A sing along to lost loved ones. 

Check out Chisikana EP by Hillzy here. 

Watch the video for Goodbye on this link and tell us what you think!

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