REFRESHING SOUNDS - Cerise West, The 7evengoddess With An Alluring Heart and Soul for Music

When it comes to femcees in Zimbabwe with a heart for the game, the name Cerise West cannot be left out. Her smooth vocals and style stand among the best in Zimbabwe. 

Cerise West zim hip hop artist
Cerise West

In some way, she partially encompasses the neo-soul rap style with some groove in her flow. She is a versatile rapper, singer, and the singing part works wonderfully in her favor. She doesn't have a specific rap style that she adheres to, but flows beautifully with any vibe. The 7vengoddess can just rap to the beat, perhaps that is one of her strengths. Don't be fooled by her vocals though, she can be aggressive if she wants to, as she did on that Ginde Challenge.

 Cerise West embodies the Harare urban flow (accompanied with the international influences - Eve and Missy E) in a way that speaks of someone who has a firm command over what she does. That cocky New York swag in Harare. And that is the most impressive thing about her music - the confidence she exudes when it comes to telling the world what is on her mind is pretty much remarkable. 

She has two singles out this year - California Dreaming and Silver Car. 

Her music stands defiant against some of the more prevalent urban problems - depression and anxieties - conditions that are increasingly on the surge. She believes that with her music, she can still show her fans that hope exists. 

Cerise west zimbabwe

To her, it is a great achievement if her followers are made conscious to issues that are socially marginalized and she aims to empower her young female listeners to be grateful for their unique beauty and struggles, and also to know their worth. 

Cerise has come a long way now, as she developed and expanded her passion for music since her varsity days - rapping from her dorm room. But she has worked hard to realize that her dream comes to fruition. 

Find Cerise West's music (California Dreaming, Silver Car and the Ginde challenge) via her Audiomack channel.  

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