A Deep Dive Into VI The Law's Corona Care Package EP - A Raw Social Commentary

 By Tawanda Chari

Corona Care Package EP is a raw, social commentary project as VI The Law ponders the troubles of the times we are in. He talks about how people live life through distraction as they run away from themselves. He asserts the theme of fear - people doing the most extreme things to get distraction from all the hardships. Something that is often referred to as living in the moment.

Napoleon Hill's "Fear of Death" comes to mind. The devastating psychological effects of the likes of Instagram, partying like there is no tomorrow.

In the track H.O.P.E (Hold On Protect Everybody), VI The Law explains perhaps a widely natural and unfair principle that some people experience better hardships than others. When a crisis hits people, the effects are never uniform. He implies everyone is affected by the coronavirus globally, but out here in Africa, Zimbabwe specifically, it is hard to hold on to HOPE or FAITH even if it is what most people bank on. And that is because of the class differences which COVID—19 has exposed in Zimbabwe.

The healthcare system is in shambles and it has been like that for a while. The elite have better medical institutions. Those with less incomes have to deal with a miserable fate. Hope is one of the major themes of this project but it is however intricately put in a concept that is pragmatically foreign to what the word is normally used for.

FAKE NEWS, is arguably the best track on the EP. VI The Law talks about ignorance in all its multiple facets. The adverse effect of the digital world is the ease in which fake news is peddled around in an alarming rate. Everyone was searching for more information on Covid-19, and as a result false information was passed around as much factual information, and as a result, panic ensued.

Likewise, the opposite happened, some have accurate information, but choose to ignore it (no respect for social distancing rules for example). So, information about any important subject always has to be verified, for one cannot take chances especially if death is a possible outcome if there is ignorance. However, that being said, others still choose to disregard the truth.

The Box Remix, which is a bonus track, reveals a reflection of being trapped. The actual experience and not merely feeling trapped. There is a lot pressure that emanates from social media. People generally spend a lot of time online and with the Covid-19 pandemic prevalent, the time an average person spends online massively increased.

Social media can distract you, and make you lose focus of your own goals. There is too much pressure and focus on being a good joker or an internet troll, too much focus on numbers, followers, subscribers, all that is not developmental. More importantly he encourages people to not lose focus on their goals and how it is important to log off and unwind.

Another song worth taking note of is wuHAN SOLO (which features Chimbs) mainly because of its impeccable production and the fact-dropping that is heavily inserted in the lyrics. VI The Law asserts his worth in the song while at the same time voicing the frustrations of urban life. The frustrations of lifestyles not achieved – the cars not bought. The vocal confidence expressed by VI The Law in wuHAN SOLO clearly brings to the fore all the social issues on his mind. And in the song, he says the joy of life has never been a money thing. Deep.

The track KYD! sees VI The Law bringing Keith JFK and 3.T in the mix. And this is one thing we love about VI The Law. His choice of features has to be one of the best in the Zim rap game.  The whole song is just a rap galore and what more with the kicking drums that the beat serves us with. Something you would call a perfect song.

The project is a cohesive beauty from start to finish. Fairly technical and there is balance for both heads and casual fans. The production is top-notch – something of a mastery of perfection. VI The Law makes it a point to serve listeners with reflective, meditative lyrics that at the same time stimulate your sensitivity to the inequalities of Zimbabwe and the world at large. Corona Care Package EP is also a body of work that seems to express the distrust of social media – the distrust of modernity on the overall. (As can be seen by the IG Live Interlude). While at the same time still acknowledging the huge role that social media has on people, especially in these Covid times.

Corona Care Package by VI The Law is a solid piece of art that reveals an artist who pays extensive detail to what happens around him, to his surroundings.

You can download Corona Care Package EP by VI The Law via this link.

Watch wuHAN SOLO visual experience here. 

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