400 Barz N Still Running As GZE Offers Practical, Streetwise Guidance For Creatives in 'Street Logic'

GZE is one rapper who has favourable, credible appeal more than others within the realm of hip hop. His flow is effortlessly smooth and well enunciated - it is in him; his vision and gospel. Street Logic is laden with comprehensive street-focused rhymes and equipped with a hard hitting Let Nas Down beat he borrowed from J Cole that is built off gritty drums.

GZE STreet Logic download latest zim hip hop songs 2020

The John Bhuru hit maker puts a great deal of emphasis on lyricism with a strong technical ability to cement his story telling.

GZE is no stranger to money talk. He has some advice to fellow artists on how to manage their music regarding deals and partnerships. Street Logic is a hard, raw and honest song in which GZE is stuck in a serious conflict - while he serves as a role model for the game and the youths, should he seriously pursue conscious music knowing its repercussions? Should he attempt to go all-in with the mainstream? He seems to reconcile these inner disparities by stressing on one thing - be yourself, be your own boss, work hard and work smart. Invest in independence.

GZE is there for the tradition, he is there for the game, he is there for the conscious vibes, and he surely goes deep. The punchlines, the hooks, the barz. Clearly, the term 400 Barz N Runnin is aptly justified.

Resilience GZE also does well to reprimand artists not to be carried away by fame or social media influence because that will compromise an artist's art. All music should go straight to the heart. As Street Logic does here.

And Mob X. The Southerton producer for Mob Entertainment does well to put some impeccable quality on the track, giving it life through the special effects that go hand in hand with the visuals. It is not a secret that Mob X The Don is one of the best producers in Zimbabwe. 

GZE does not convey any sophisticated message that needs decades to debunk. His exhortation is simple - be authentic, be original and do not give up. And pay homage to the OGs, know your history of the game well.

Credits to Mob Entertainment, RedNation Live and SparkPlug Media for bringing the audio plus the visuals of Street Logic by GZE to life. 

 You can watch Street Logic by GZE here and tell us what you think.

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