REFRESHING SOUNDS - BrownXin's Admirable, Undying and Relentless Determination

 By Tawanda Chari

BrownXin released an introspective tune this year that people might have missed and it is titled Mahwambi. It is a hustler's prayer, conflated with a "get rich or die trying" mantra. The significance of Mahwambi is how it promotes concepts such as hard work and a never-give-up-attitude. 

BrownXin zim hip hop artist 2020

The song contains advanced lyricism focused on well-researched historical context of people's behavior. BrownXin loathes envying successful individuals without him working for his own success. He also shows a keen interest in mentoring his nephews and nieces on how to make money.

The song does not make a mainstream appeal and that demonstrates quality of thought and originality. Probably still relishing being authentic in his art. Not that mainstream influences do not reflect what the artist wants to really say.

Mahwambi is on the back of a smooth, more laid-back production style. He also utilizes his vocal talent to sing on the hook with a little help from the sort of heavy bass to bring out a catchy feel and of course, a clear message. Which is what we like really. 

He went on to release the video for Ishe, which features fellow rapper Brythreesixty. And the ambition expressed in both the audio and the visuals for Ishe is pretty much untamed. It is a video that shows the creative visions of BrownXin and more importantly the expression of what can be deemed spiritual battles in our everyday lives. And in all honesty Brythreesixty gives the work some additional flavours which make their art readily palatable. The video for Ishe does not make use of different locations but still, the ideas are conveyed without any subtlety. 

Just recently, BrownXin released the video for Jesu. Again, the spiritual allusions in his art find space to be expressed. But with a more materialist aspect. As well as a palpable urban feel. He assures us that in everything he does, he cannot afford to leave Jesus Christ. And that is his perspective on existence, in relation with his hustle and the rap game. And the video serves the purposes of solidifying Xinah's presence in the game. 

There is no doubt that BrownXin is one of the most exciting talents in the game. His art shows a rapper who never ceases to exhibit his admirable, undying and relentless determination. BrownXin's mark in Zim Hip Hop cannot be ignored. 

You can watch videos by BrownXin here (his channel). 

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