Silent Killer Sends Powerful Diss To Enzo Ishall, Bazooker, Hwinza, Ndunge Yut and Mad Viper in Bird News

For the longest time, Silent Killer who is affectionately known as Ngirozi Yehondo, has received numerous diss tracks mainly from the ChillSpot youths, with Mad Viper being the most vocal when it comes to throwing dirt on Silent Killer's name. 

Silent Killer Bird News latest zimdancehall songs 2020

In other instances, Silent Killer would also shoot back but in most circumstances, he would hold back his rifles. This time around things are a bit different. Silent Killer has released Bird News, a diss track specifically aimed at Enzo Ishall, Bazooker, Hwinza, Ndunge Yut and Mad Viper all who have their roots from the ChillSpot stable. Bird News by Silent Killer is the latest Zimdancehall offering showing us a glance between the frictions in the game. 

In Bird News, Silent Killer says one basic thing - that these artists ishiri, they are not relevant, and he has come to deliver the bird (bad) news to them. Nhau Dzeshiri. He invalidates their relevance and credentials, saying that they have always wanted war with him but this time he is killing them for good. 

Silent Killer is that Zimdancehall artist whom you know can never let go of his badness. Another angle that Silent Killer is postulating is that he is the emblem and beacon of true dancehall music in Zimbabwe; that these five mentioned artists have fallen victim to the machinations of commercial music and thus they are no longer real as they used to be. 

In the song Silent Killer does not shy away from the substances he uses which give him inspiration - ndakasarudza mushonga, buwe nendudu. It's basically a statemement to prove his street credentials and he relies heavily on this street cred to invalidate Enzo Ishall, Bazooker, Hwinza, Ndunge Yut and Mad Viper, who were all specifically mentioned in the song. 

The song shows the fissures that may exist between himself and these artists, the badmouthing that may be going in the industry. One thing is for sure nonetheless - Silent Killer Ngirozi Yehondo is still relevant and is still belting tune after tune. 

Credits to Infinity Beatz for the impeccable production of the song. Good looking for ZimDancehall. 

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