REFRESHING SOUNDS - Focus on Marlon Chipfumo aka Cactus

Hailing from the streets of Southerton, Marlon Chipfumo, who is Progress Chipfumo's son, is also making his impact on the game we love to call Hip-Hop.

Marlon Chipfumo Cactus Zim Hip Hop 2020 RedNationLive
Marlon Chipfumo aka Cactus

Laden with concrete raps that are predominantly delivered in the vernacular, Marlon utters his words with profound confidence and is hungry to accomplish many things in the game.

ZimSphere (ZS) had the chance to speak to him (MC) as he gave us his perspective on the game and his moves.

ZS: What do you love most about music?

MC: Performing is the best part of music that I value the most.

ZS: Coming from a music background, what influence has your family had on your music?

MC: Positive vibes. They come to every show I perform no matter the location. Especially my mum.

ZS: And the Southerton impact?

MC: Yo, it's like they were really waiting for me to get in the game. They was really waitin for me to start this music thing.

ZS: What are your father's views towards your music?

MC: So the thing is he's proud of me like doing this but his problem with it is my choice of genre, which is Hip hop and Rnb. But what I would say about that is I am an Artist so I can be riding on any sound, I didn't leave his sound I just found my own and it won't stop me from riding his sound too!

Here is where you can get Marlon Chipfumo's music:

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