Stepz releases new single titled ‘Way Too Shifty’


UNITED KINGDOM based Zimbabwean hip hop musician Batsirwai Masawi whose stage name is Stepz, has released a new single titled Way Too Shifty.

Stepz music artist

The new single was produced by DJ Anusa in Zimbabwe, who is renowned for producing Jah Prayzer's hit song Gochi Gochi.

In an interview with the ZimSphere, Stepz said his new single is inspired by his daily challenges.

"The new single is inspired basically by a mix of my day to day life experiences and challenges, and how to survive a day in my shoes from how I make money,  to my troubles with women, and trying to choose the right one," Stepz remarked. 

"Way Too Shifty is about a girl saying I’m acting sneaky and not too open about things, which is a common thing that men hear when meeting a new partner trying to take our time but she wants to rush.

"The new track is inspired by new wave jersey drill and a song always played as a child, the Premier Gaou sample. I wanted a familiar sound to it but also give it a more modern and jumpy sound." 

The hip hop artist started making music in 2011 and so far he recorded 14 singles which he will release soon. The artist said he has always had a strong passion of music since growing up; and church songs helped him grow into the artist he is today.

"I will always have a love for gospel music and also the late Oliver Mtukudzi as, I remember being a three-year-old kid on car journeys visiting families. Or on trips with my father - we would listen to Oliver Mtukudzi singing his words back to back the journey there and back ," he said.

"Also, I am big fan of Lucky Dube I really had huge love for his Reggae/African influence he would bring into his music.

"Then as l was growing up I remember my first encounter with rap music was from my uncle's influence. He regularly played Wu Tang Clan's music, and he was a big fan of Tupac Shakur."

Steps added: "He also bought me my first CD albums which were 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' and The Massacre. I would play them on a small CD Player my father had let me use; I’d play them all day and just listen word for word. Then it was when the UK Grime wave came that I started trying to write my own music."

You can watch the video for Way Too Shifty by Stepz below:

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