NEW MUSIC: Gospel crooner Reel Tingz teams up with Terry Africa on 'Misodzi'


HARARE-based gospel musician Prince Respect Madzinga, popularly known as Reel Tingz, is set to release a new single titled Misodzi; featuring Terry Africa on 5 June. 

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Cover art for 'Misodzi', out June 5

In an interview with ZimSphere, Reel Tingz said that the upcoming single is a track that emphasizes in trusting God during times of pain and need.

"Misodzi highlights the belief that God is the only one with answers, and it encourages listeners to turn to Him when facing difficult times

"Additionally the song conveys the message that crying out to God in times of trouble will prompt him to send his angels to assist, comfort, acknowledging and understanding the depths of one's heart without the need for words ," he said.

Reel Tingz expects the song to give people a reality check on the basics of life, explaining;  

"We all got problems — starvation, unemployment, marriage difficulties, secrets of the heart. Who can we trust with all these? Can I trust my neighbour, friend, relative or partner?

"The answer is no. In times like this, only God has got all the answers. He is the problem solver of all our problems and we can cry to him because He is there to keep our secrets which some people can't keep

"I hope the song can heal many lost souls, those who are already giving up in life and those who don't know were to turn to for help." 

Although most know him as a gospel artist, Reel Tingz prefers to term his music 'Kingdom Music", a subgenre of gospel music.

Zim latest gospel music, Zim gospel 2024, Real Tingz, Terry Africa, Misodzi
Reel Tingz

"l call it Kingdom Music because some people will not get to understand it if I call it gospel music. I can release a love song, or a song that encourages people to work, or one that raises awareness on drug abuse. All these themes are part of God's kingdom, " he explained. 

Reel Tingz started his music career in 2010 and he has been working under the supervision of Kingdom Swagg, an organization which was founded by coach Tariro Mukunga.

Kingdom Swagg is an organization under the No Limits Movement. It mainly focuses on uplifting young people and giving them direction with Christian-centred values. 

He released his first album in 2016 titled Shandisa Mukana, followed by My Life in 2017 and Never Give Up in 2018 .

He has also released singles — one with Ngoni Kambarami dubbed Tenda, and another with Trevor Dongo called Ndasimudzirwa NaJesu.

Currently, Reel Tingz has been working with upcoming artists in an effort to give them the same platform he was given by Coach Tariro Mukunga. 

 "I'm working with upcoming artists just to pass on the torch l have at the moment so that l can implement what l have learng from Coach Tari. l have more than 50 songs which l have written since 2019 and I'm yet to be release them," he concluded. 

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