Three police officers sentenced for high-profile robbery


HARARE – Three police officers, Admore Nyamaropa (32), Andrew Magwenzi (35), and Prince Mugove Kuchekenya (39), have been sentenced to prison for their involvement in a robbery, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) reported. 

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The incident occurred on April 17, 2023, when Timothy Murasiranwa, an employee of the National Employment Council for the Tourism Industry of Zimbabwe, was at the Beitbridge Border Post. 

Murasiranwa had collected a silver Land Cruiser Prado on behalf of his employer and planned to drive the vehicle to Harare. He was accompanied by his brother, who was driving a Toyota Rav 4.

While refueling at a Puma Service Station, a silver Toyota Corolla without registration plates parked parallel to Murasiranwa's vehicle. 

Two of the accused officers approached Murasiranwa, one visibly armed with a pistol. Fearing for his safety, Murasiranwa attempted to drive away but was blocked by the officers' vehicle.

The officers then brandished a rifle, prompting Murasiranwa to seek an alternate exit at the back of the garage. However, the exit was closed. 

Murasiranwa's brother, noticing the unfolding situation, also drove to the back of the garage. 

In a swift move, Murasiranwa jumped into his brother's car, leaving the Prado behind, and they escaped the scene. The officers subsequently drove off in the Prado.

A police report was filed, and investigations led to the recovery of the stolen vehicle on May 1, 2023, from a mechanic. This led to the arrest of the first accused officer, who implicated the other two.

Nyamaropa was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, with four years suspended. Magwenzi and Kuchekenya each received 10-year sentences, with two years suspended. 

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