Rapper M.G Hkh narrates the challenges of youthful life in ‘No Pressure’


HARARE-BASED hip hop artist M.G Hkh, also known as Prince Peter Moyo, is one of the names to keep an eye for in the sphere of ZimHipHop. Born on October 18, 1997, in Mupilo Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, M.G Hkh is an independent artist hailing from Masvingo, Chivi. 

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Armed with an innate desire to narrate and rap about the pressures of youthful life and street life, M.G Hkh is gradually gaining the confidence to display his raw talent and authentic storytelling.

M.G Hkh embarked on his journey as a rapper at the age of 20. In 2019, he joined the Hkh Family Group, formed by Mr. Potter Hkh, who once collaborated with Maskiri and Prince Chigweda.

In 2022, M.G Hkh released his debut album, Pray Hard, which consists of seven worthwhile tracks. The album's title reflects the artist's spiritual belief in the power of prayer and urgency in seeking divine intervention; and how this impacts the material world we inhabit. 

M.G Hkh emphasizes the importance of praying with fervency, as he believes this secures favors from God that cannot be obtained through any other means. He humbly acknowledges that prayer requires a certain level of surrender and introspection, stripping away ego and exposing our spiritual vulnerabilities. 

The rapper advises finding a quiet place and addressing God by name as a meaningful way to begin praying. He also emphasizes that God's answers come in three forms: yes, no, and wait, reminding his listeners to take prayer seriously and remain steadfast in their faith.

While Pray Hard didn't receive the recognition M.G Hkh had hoped for due to financial constraints, he remains determined to make his mark in the music industry. 

The album delivers a powerful message, encouraging listeners to stay true to their beliefs and trust that their prayers will be answered. It explores themes of love, hard work, and the hustle of everyday life.

Recently, M.G Hkh unveiled the music video for his latest single, No Pressure, featuring Mandala Jecha Mafia. Produced by Mr. Oblk and directed by M.G Hkh himself, the video gives us a glimpse of the artist's creative vision. Shot on location in the streets of Budiriro, the video captures the essence of the song, further enhancing the message of resilience and determination.

No Pressure, with its infectious chorus – "No pressure hazvidi, Dzungu zvichaita bhoo" – may strike some good chords with listeners as a declaration of independence and refusal to succumb to external pressures. The lyrics explore the importance of staying true to oneself and resisting negative influences. M.G Hkh reiterates the need to avoid compromising one's values for personal gain, denouncing the temptations that may lead one astray.

With this, it is obvious that the notions of hard work, prayer, and the pursuit of success are recurring themes in M.G Hkh's music. And despite the challenges faced – challenges synonymous with the entire music industry – he maintains an unwavering determination to push forward and never settle for less. 

In No Pressure, M.G Hkh thus encourages his listeners to stay focused, work hard, and remain resilient in the face of adversity. The song serves as a reminder to reject external pressures and negative influences that may hinder personal growth and progress.

M.G Hkh's unique style, authentic storytelling, and unapologetic desire to rise to the top are qualities that may potentially set him apart in the music industry. 

As he continues to experiment with sounds and find his comfort zone, there is no doubt that this talented rapper has even more room for growth and success. With his unwavering determination, M.G Hkh is poised to make a name for himself.

With each track, the rapper draws the listeners' attention into his world, sharing his experiences and offering a voice to the pressures faced by the youth and those living in challenging environments. As he continues to evolve as an artist, M.G Hkh's authenticity and passion make him an artist to watch out for.

M.G Hkh's music is a reflection of the realities he has faced and the determination to overcome them. Through his powerful storytelling and relatable lyrics, he connects with his audience on tangible levels. As he forges ahead with his artistic vision, there is no doubt that with more quality, he can turn dreams to reality. 

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