PRESS STATEMENT: In Memoriam—A Tribute to Mr. Kasim Bey



HARARE (JANUARY 4, 2024)—It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to a remarkable soul and a cherished member of our ZAFTAs family, Mr. Kasim Bey, who passed away on Thursday after a courageous battle with cancer. 

Kasim Bey ZAFTAS

His loss is deeply felt by all who had the honour of knowing him, and his legacy will forever resonate within the Zimbabwean film community.

Mr. Bey was a member of the Cinema Society of Zimbabwe and an integral part of the inaugural ZAFTAs organizing committee, a man of unwavering commitment and conscious action. His dedication and philanthropic spirit touched the lives of numerous filmmakers across Zimbabwe. Despite his battle with illness, Mr. Bey's relentless efforts and wisdom laid the foundation for the ZAFTA Awards, shaping them into the prestigious event they are today.

A compassionate mentor and visionary, Mr. Bey, although not Zimbabwean by birth, was an invaluable brother and mukwasha in our collective endeavour to strengthen and elevate the film industry. He brought forth the concept and coined the term ZimFlix, igniting a movement that urged filmmakers to embrace professionalism and constant improvement in their craft.

Kasim Bey ZAFTAS

His influence extended beyond technicalities; Mr. Bey urged creators to transcend the confines of present reality and to craft narratives that envisioned a better tomorrow. He challenged us to believe in a compelling vision, inspiring filmmakers to create empowering stories that resonated with the human spirit.

His commitment to nurturing young talent and his embodiment of the Ubuntu spirit are testaments to his selflessness and profound impact. Mr. Bey's absence leaves a void that cannot be filled, and his legacy will continue to guide us in our pursuit of cinematic excellence.

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with his wife and their family during this difficult time. Mr. Bey will be dearly missed but his lasting contributions to our film community will forever live on.

Rest in peace, dear friend, mentor, and colleague. Your light will continue to shine brightly through the films and hearts you've touched.

Kasim Bey ZAFTAS

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