NEW MUSIC: Michael Magz paints stories of the struggle in latest single ‘Hondo Mupfungwa’


ONE thing is for certain: Michael Magz is undoubtedly relentless in delivering lyrical onslaughts that reverberate profoundly across certain spaces that profess loyalty to rap sounds. It is his unmatched prolificacy that sets him apart as an exciting talent to watch; telling all and sundry that he is a formidable lyricist in his own right. His latest song and video Hondo Mupfungwa vindicates this notion.

Michael Magz Hondo Mupfungwa

In the new 2024 single Hondo Mupfungwa, Michael Magz immerses his sonic genius in the rhythmic pulse of Zimbabwe's powerful streets beats to tell the story of the 'battle in the mind'—a universal human struggle. Without paying attention to much biases, his new song goes beyond an audio sequence of arranging instrumentals and vocal projections—it borders on encapsulating an enduring portrait of struggle; it is a soulful tapestry existential stories punctuated with agonizing doses of pain, resilience, and ultimately, hope.

And there is a fair point to make here: Michael Magz in this track steps away from the fiery battlegrounds of courting publicity via established beefs and diss tracks and dives deep into the murky waters of the subaltern communities, his lyrics resonating with those who know the sting of hardship all too well. In showing solidarity with the "streets," Michael Magz launches a valiant attempt at showing fans and critics alike that he is a force to reckon with as far as Zim Hip Hop music is concerned.

Brendon.xg's accompanying music video takes vivid form as it paints the picture to Magz's relatable lyrics, showcasing the harsh realities that haunt the so-called ghettos. It's a visual illustration of the song's emotional outlook, leaving viewers with an unfiltered glimpse into the struggles they might share.

This soulful offering marks a significant departure from Magz's recent diss-laden tracks, New Chapter and the Gore Remix [Unreleased Michael Magz Verse]. Kind of a relief, one might hazard to say. Definitely, his evolution as an artist charting his own path is one to watch. It might still be early to purvey certain conclusions regarding his trajectory following the debacle that resulted in the collapse of the 'New Bhundu Boyz' and all the promise they portended.

Watch Hondo Mupfungwa by Michael Magz below and tell us what you think: 

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