Spotlight on Rising Zimbabwean Hip-Hop Artist: TRUTH (CHOKWADI)


In the world of music, it's always exciting to discover hidden gems, and I'm here to shed some light on one such artist. Today, let me introduce you to TRUTH, known by his stage name "CHOKWADI." 

Truth Chokwadi EP Zim hip hop

Hailing from Hatcliffe, Harare, Zimbabwe, TRUTH is making waves in the hip/hop scene not only within his country but also across Southern Africa.

What sets TRUTH apart is his ability to speak directly to both the younger and older generations through his flawless delivery of "spits and rhymes." 

His latest freestyle release titled "10 Days" is an absolute highlight worth mentioning. 

This track holds a significant meaning in the Zimbabwean context, as it relates to the ten-day fasting program observed by many Christian households from January 1 to January 10.

Interestingly, the freestyle was recorded on a Wednesday but released on Freestyle Friday, showcasing TRUTH's dedication to his craft. 

With a powerful raspy voice, he captivates audiences for a solid three minutes and two seconds, leaving a lasting impression with thought-provoking lyrics like "Hope is in the grave, damn, I felt that."

The music video for "10 Days" features TRUTH seamlessly transitioning between two scenes. 

In one, he can be seen rapping in a gown on a basketball court alongside his friend, while in the other, he proudly carries the Zimbabwean flag. This visual representation showcases his patriotism and artistic versatility.

His impressive passion for the art of rap shines through every track, and his delivery is nothing short of impeccable. 

For those interested in diving deeper into TRUTH's discography, I highly recommend checking out his YouTube channel ( where you can find his music.

Recently, TRUTH also released an EP called '434 EP' on May 26, 2023, featuring five outstanding tracks. If you're a fan of fresh and exciting new music, I urge you to add his EP to your playlist. 

TRUTH (CHOKWADI) is undoubtedly an artist on the rise, and it's artists like him who add vibrancy and diversity to the music industry. 

Keep an eye out for this incredible talent, and be sure to spread the word about his extraordinary work.

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