Producer Nagbeatz Reveals His Top Five ZimHipHop Records So Far


Nagbeatz is a sensational talent. That is beyond doubt given the propensity at which he is upscaling the seemingly contentious hip hop arena in Zimbabwe. 

Nagbeatz ZimHipHop producer

The youthful producer caught the attention of several hip hop enthusiasts when he anchored the record-breaking 45 track album by R.Peels last year titled ZviriEvaBeautiful with a significant portion of the beats bearing his name.

Nagbeatz has fully utilized the limelight and crucial endorsement of Jax who is firmly a force to reckon with in the new school trademark. 

We had the privilege to be privy to this talented producer’s top five Zim Hip Hop records so far.

NB: Nag put emphasis that these are not exactly his favorite songs but the biggest songs that have made an impact in his promising career:

  1. Put It Down (Holy Ten)
  2. Ndozviripo (Bling4)
  3. Nhau Yangu (Bagga)
  4. True Love (R Peels, Trevor Dongo)
  5. Kutimirira (Tha Bees)

There is definitely more we have heard, and perhaps more to come that could further change the prospects of beating the odds. 

Nagbeatz gives props to R.Peels for having 'murdered' multiple if not all the beats he has made hence their consistent fruitful artistic intimacy.

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