Holy Ten’s “Delilah” - A Message of Success and Caution


Holy Ten’s latest release, “Delilah,” delivers a powerful message to young men about the importance of staying focused on their path to success. The song explores Holy Ten’s personal journey since gaining fame and highlights the need to avoid distractions and temptations.

holy ten delilah

The music video for “Delilah” features iconic elements reminiscent of Michael Jackson, with Holy Ten standing on stage under a spotlight, holding a microphone. The concept of the microphone being replaced with a group of ladies symbolizes the distractions that come with fame. 

The presence of groupies taking selfies with him and crowding his car further emphasizes the challenges faced by artists in maintaining a focused and disciplined lifestyle.

The song’s lyrics encourage listeners to prioritize prayer upon waking up, comparing engaging in impure activities to accepting death. Holy Ten’s analogy of not dirtying oneself with impurities translates to not indulging in actions that can jeopardize one’s success. The overarching message is to embrace Delilah, representing the strength to resist temptations and remain steadfast in the pursuit of success.

It is worth noting that Holy Ten has faced criticism for his affiliation with Zanu PF on Twitter. However, it is essential to create an environment where diverse opinions are respected, and cancel culture is avoided. Everyone should have the freedom to align themselves politically without facing unnecessary backlash.

The music video, directed by Blue Mordecai from 99 Orange Inc, is visually striking and has already gained significant attention. “Delilah” is also available on all major digital platforms, allowing fans to access it easily.

To truly impact Holy Ten’s career, more than just rallying against his political affiliation is needed. Fans should actively support his music by attending shows, purchasing his music, or buying his merchandise. Only then can a genuine impact be made on his success or popularity.

In conclusion, “Delilah” is a creatively executed song with a powerful message that resonates well with Holy Ten’s audience.

You can watch the video for Delilah by Holy Ten below and share your thoughts with the world: 

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