‘Mutare Over Paris’ – An Overview Of How Rap Music Found Mshona An Identity.


The diversity that music production in this compilation offers is sufficiently an edging factor. It has become a non-reducible minimum for hip hop projects to bring out a vibe that sells what is in the package. 

Mutare over Paris by Mshona produced by Boy Tricky

This project fulfilled that mandate with sonic appeal that borrows from South African house music undertones. Importantly, the rap aspect survives these clear influences. 

The prevailing concept resonates with the life experiences of Mshona, a boy whose entire youth met its normative prime in South Africa. 

Coming to Zimbabwe then becomes just a matter of geographical relocation and not the end of a chase,  vague or clear as that may be. 

The energy in his raps exudes delicate passion in maneuvering upward mobility of ‘figuring’ life out as an artist. 

Mshona tells us that the name is a by-product of childhood maze. 

What else was there for a light-skinned African kid society treated with unique (sometimes platitudinous) regard—merely on the grounds that most of them (us), were distinctively dark skinned. It can go on and on, or else beyond.   

Mshona Rapper Mutare over paris

Identity is a highly subjective sense of conformity. In as much as one individual is the equal of a drop in an ocean, one’s role in shaping macro consciousness is far from finite. 

Whilst it takes a little more than one day of existence for humanity to have a functional pulse, an individual’s functionality is definitely the total sum of what society gives in the mirror. 

Mshona’s lyrical arsenal would simply fight this battle. A battle that one conquers when they eventually find solace in who they are, and what they can bring to the world. 

The project is an excellent projection of literature anchored by privilege of experiencing life in the urbanities of two powerful African nations – Zimbabwe and South Africa. 

Mshona is proudly confident in his craft which is steadily building supported by his hustling muscle at a local gym.

As we proceed, the rapper’s side of the story can only be told in the manner he raps! The track list below and attached link are duly attached for that context. 

The project is another edition brought to life by Roman Raps with the renowned Zim Hip Hop music producer Boy Tricky seeing it through.

You can listen to Mutare Over Paris by Mshona via this link:

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