Jungle Loco’s New Album ‘Gwala Mnandi’ Release Date To Honour Donald ‘Dodger’ Marindire

By YaadUniverse Premiere

It’s almost a year since the passing of the inimitable Donald ‘Dodger’ Marindire, one of the most applauded bloggers and public intellectuals ZimHipHop ever had; and Jungle Loco has scheduled to release his new album Gwala Mnandi in honour of Dodger.

Jungle Loco Zimhiphop new album Gwala Mnandi Donald Dodger Marindire blogger honoured
Jungle Loco

Dodger passed on the 26th of August 2021. Jungle Loco posted on Facebook and announced the release date for Gwala Mnandi, and the reason behind.

“I will release my album around the same day Donald Dodger Marindire passed away. In honor! Gwala Mnandi 27 August…” Jungle Loco said Facebook post.

Gwala Mnandi explains the alluring sweetness of money. Money has become the backbone of everything in the world. If there is no money, there is no life or fun. And this is the point that Jungle Loco makes with his upcoming offering.

This is what actually makes the world spin. Money, moola, Gwala, nyoso!!! It is what keeps the entire world on its feet. It’s a hustle oriented body of work. The spectrum is huge on what money can motivate mankind to indulge in. It can be sweet poison too (sigh).

It took six months for Jungle Loco to complete Gwala Mnandi. It was produced by Jonn The Producer, Wecyd Will, HooLan Wolf, Pepzee Bless Beats, Cyp, DJ Sqkatta and Cyber 101. Jungle is confident with the quality production and believes it might surpass the award winning album, Bata Mastreets (The First Book of Loco). 

The production is niiiiice! Better than Bata Mastreets. I’m always trying to outdo my last/previous projects.

Bata Mastreets is a 19-track album that was released on the 24th of October 2020 by Stay Fly Entertainment. In 2020, the album won the Best Album award at the 10th edition of the Pogues Zim Hip Hop Awards. Gwala Mnandi is expected to drop with at least 16 tracks maximum; with guest features by Kriss Newton, Shian, Outspoken, DJ Sqkatta and D. Varren.

The project is more than an album but a hustle and skills lecture as Loco noted. It’s an opportunity to have a sit-down with Loco because with an unparalleled lyricist like him, it is always more than music. It is therapy. The sound is rather different this time, heavily influenced with jazz.

“I love soulful melodies if l’m to go deep with it. Pianos, strings, pads, sub basses and jazzy basses. Hard hitting percussion and low pitched basses on turn up track…” Loco explains.

The sound itself makes sense as to where Loco’s influence come from. Jungle is heavily influenced by Jay-Z, Nas and Nu Clique.

“…rappers on old decibels songs…” said Jungle Loco .

It has been two years since Mdara Loco dropped Bata Mastreets. Work and school has kept Loco away from music. Despite, for Loco to serve a new project there has to be sufficient inspiration,

…I have been busy with other stuff. Work and school mainly … music is purest inspired. It don’t gotta be mechanical. That’s why l take long to release a project after another. Awaiting inspiration whilst busy with personals…

Chitown To Masvingo is one of Jungle Loco’s outstanding appearances with Mu Netsi. The record is too heavy with the bars as the two had a field day. Loco showed love and appreciated the opportunity,

“Working with mU is always a thrilling experience. He is a top notch lyricist who will challenge you to do more and that’s feature essence!” Loco remarks.

On ZimHipHop’s progress, Loco is happy with the situation at hand celebrating every stride like Denzel Sambo.

ZimHipHop is like Denzel Sambo, always tells folks, enjoying good good strides! This here is takeover season, don’t let ’em tune you anything in contradiction. This is the now.

Gwala Mnandi is expected to drop on the 27th of August 2022 in honour of Donald ‘Dodger’ Marindire, the latter who was fiercely dedicated and devoted to the progress of the game with plenty of love in his heart.

This article was first published by Brian Mugaragumbo for YaadUniverse Premiere and you can access it here.

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