‘Tasha’ by Tasha Black - Making Visions A Reality in Zimbabwe’s Fashion Industry

By Tawanda Chari

Tasha Black refuses to be confined by convention – as she pursues the legal profession, she does not relent in materializing her  innovative creativity as a fashion designer. She is also passionate about music (yes, she can sing). A strong young woman with a 14-year-old baby that she loves and cares for. In the realm of fashion in Zimbabwe, she is a self-taught fashion designer. She had to learn new things and master certain elements relating to fashion that she didn't understand, and she dis that on YouTube.

The mundane routines and idleness that struck citizens during the first wave of the pandemic sparked her interest in fashion. She had few things to do so she borrowed her grandma's old sewing machine and started there.

Asked about what she likes best about fashion and who her inspiration is, she remarked:

“What I like best about being a fashion designer is the art behind it. All you have is imagination, heart and drive to make something that connects you with a whole lot of people. What you wear tells what your mood for that particular day will be.”

She added, “My inspiration is grandma. She was a lady of fashion and she loved nice clothes and you would always pick on how she is feeling that particular day in her choice of clothes. And the faith she had in me when I started up by recycling old clothes into something new and creative was motivating.”

One of her other designing influence is Judy Gao, a TikTok designer who brings everything fashion to life. What made Tasha start her own brand is her undying love for creation, and money of course. She wants to be able to connect with people through what she knows best, which is creating fashion masterpieces.

Asked about  whether she is comfortable working with models, she said:

 “I think I would be very comfortable since the language of fashion is the same and its a matter of understanding each on what needs to be done.”

Tasha believes every woman’s body is a divine masterpiece . Women's bodies, regardless of the incessant hypersexualizing by hegemony and the objectification,  represent a work of art, and as such all bodies are beautiful.

Tasha Black stressed that at present, she hasn't tried to design lingerie and also she is not yet comfortable modelling for it on camera.  

She wears her own brand of clothes and absolutely loves it. Today (at the time of writing), she is wearing Tasha Black's newest design called The Boss and it is a dope recommendation for fashion lovers.

In the next few years, she envisions herself being a dominant force in Zimbabwe's fashion industry. She wants her name known in Africa,  creating a well-known fashion brand in Africa. Straight from Zimbabwe.


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