Tamy Moyo’s new single ‘Zvakadaro’ - A journey of gratitude and growth


TAMY Moyo specializes in resplendent songs and videos, and this is what her latest single titled Zvakadaro is all about. Tamy invests considerably in making good music, and that is supremely worthy to note.  

Tamy Moyo releases new song Zvakadaro

The song, which reflects on the theme of gratitude and growth, is her fourth release under her new management team led by Canada-based Martin Chikomba, also known as Solyd.

The team, which includes road manager Alice and business advisor Jona, is focused on infusing an international perspective into Moyo's brand and elevating her career to new heights. 

Over the years, Moyo's renown has grown exponentially, thanks to her unique approach to art and her dedication to creating good, relatable, and entertaining music.

Zvakadaro addresses the intricacies of self-actualization and the importance of embracing life's challenges while attaining inner peace and harmony. The song advocates for self-love and emphasizes the significance of self-perception in the pursuit of fulfillment.

Recorded in October 2023 under the meticulous production of DJ Tamuka, Zvakadaro blends traditional Zimbabwean influences with contemporary sounds. The addition of Adrian Tate's guitar work lends the track a unique and captivating aura, keeping listeners hooked from start to end. 

It's an enjoyable piece of music showcasing the brilliance of Tamy Moyo's undying versatility. 

The accompanying video complements the song perfectly, showcasing Moyo's colorful life as she focuses on gratitude and growth—some apt symbolism there. There's a carefree aura she exudes in the video and it's lovely to see: she doesn't care a bit what naysayers have to say about her life and musical journey. It's some commendable stuff. 

Moyo drew inspiration from the Zimbabwean church song Ndakadaro while crafting the lyrics, weaving a narrative that resonates with diverse audiences. 

"This song holds a special place in my heart, as it reflects my journey of growth and gratitude," shares Moyo. "Through Zvakadaro, I aim to inspire listeners to embrace their individual paths and cherish the beauty of self-discovery."

With its relatable themes and irresistible melodies that linger on long in the mind after the song has stopped playing, Zvakadaro is that type of release you would recommend to a colleague or friend. Or relative. 

Watch the video for Zvakadaro by Tamy Moyo below and share with the world your thoughts:

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