NEW MUSIC: Dough Major and Dingo Duke release ‘Spirit’ featuring Cyrus and Wes The Rapper


THE formidable duo of Dough Major and Dingo Duke – the lords of Shebeen Rap – has released a video for Spirit, which is from the album From Shebeenia, With Love, and it features Cyrus and Wes The Rapper; and it engenders favourable elements of good rap music. 

Spirit sees a welcome fusion of wholesome and cogent melodies and raps, portraying graphic narratives of some common problems shared in low-income urban surroundings. 

The song is a brilliant listen, with remarkable production from rising producer LXA. The feel of the reverb in Dingo Duke's hooks does well to keep the listener hooked to the song. We are served some good vocal projections from Cyrus; and undeniably vivid raps from Dough Major and Wes The Rapper. 

And with particular focus on Wes The Rapper—he is an exciting rap talent to watch. 

The artists excel in relaying a simple moral message but in a manner that is not hard to construe—return the loans you took from other people; do not harbour the ‘bad spirit’ of not giving people their monies back. 

Common predicament we face. 

The video shows some tense shots, and it is good enough in syncing perfectly well with the overall lyrical content of the release. It is a decent effort from all the artists involved, and one we recommend to be on your playlist. 

Watch the video for Spirit by Dough Major & Dingo Duke featuring Cyrus and Wes The Rapper, and share with the world your thoughts:

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