THE POET’S HAVEN – ‘Till Life Tore Us Apart’ by Dylan Muringani


DYLAN Muringani calls himself a ‘linguistic alchemist’, aptly so; as he transforms the base metals of everyday life into gold nuggets of wisdom and wonder through powerful, eloquent, and elegant written words. 

The Poet's Haven Zimbabwe Poetry

With a pen as a wand and a heart full of curiosity, Dylan Muringani – who also goes by the name Munhu-me, which is as existential as it gets – crafts rich words that transport readers to the depths of their own emotions and the heights of their own imagination. 

Join the poetic pilgrimage, where language is the compass and the human experience is the destination.


Dylan Muringani

As we sat in comfortable awkwardness of silence, she decided to break it into a few pieces of small talk. Of course, a broken heart is courageous when it comes to pushing the expressions of a soul out.

I heard her voice like soft thunder, forming bold words: "You're a young man, enthusiastic and passionate. So, what interesting findings of the world are going to pursue now?"

Well, it didn't come as a surprise to my understanding that, besides being broken hearted we still had a whole lot in common. That's why i decided to be honest with her: " My quest is to find out what's left of the Sanhedrin tribe." 

With a smile fixed in a wellspring of genuineness she answered: "But i thought they all perished with their belongings in the unforgiving wind of the old days."

But she knew she would not stop a man from looking for what his heart desires the most. Hunting in the dense, merciless woods of complexity for a mysterious treasure is what makes a man's life interesting.

She took a moment in a broken silence before her tongue found the courage to say: "i guess death is not the only one who separates the loved ones; even life does."

We had a lot in common until life tore us apart.


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