New children's book celebrates the beauty of Afro-textured hair


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Businesswoman and Trichologist Dr Kuda Leticia Mupawose has released her first book, There’s a Pencil In My Hair

Dr Leticia Kuda Mupawose has released her first children's book, There's A Pencil In My Hair

There’s A Pencil In My Hair is a beautifully illustrated children's book, a response to an apartheid South African method of assessing whether a person has Afro-textured hair to define perceived racial lines, splitting existing communities. 

Similar practices were commonplace in numerous parts of colonised Africa, making its relevance to all people of colour important. 

In this book, Dr Kuda follows the story of the young Princess Nia, who experiences this discriminatory practice, shedding some light on its farreaching consequences. 

The story explores her pain from exclusion until she meets Ama, a guardian of ancient African wisdom. 

With the sparkle back in her eye, Princess Nia's hope with pride and love for her hair is restored. 

There’s A Pencil In My Hair is dramatically punctuated by bright, dramatic and emotionally contoured illustrations, the work of her son, Curtley. 

“This book is dedicated to the resilient ones who have endured the injustice of the pencil test. I hope to provoke meaningful discussions on racial discrimination and identity struggles, ultimately fostering greater understanding and unity,” said Dr Kuda. 

About Dr Kuda Leticia Mupawose 

Dr Kuda Leticia Mupawose is a board-certified Trichologist and Pharmacology graduate from Michigan State University and Dudley Cosmetology University in North Carolina (USA) with extensive knowledge of the science behind good looks. 

Dr Leticia Kuda Mupawose [Image: Supplied] 

She has studied extensively and holds various certifications and diplomas from various institutions. 

Dr Kuda is an accomplished entrepreneur and cosmetologist who owns a manufacturing company and manages hair loss clinics in South Africa and Zimbabwe. 

The business is spread into over 10 African countries, with the main operations based in Johannesburg and Harare African countries, with the main operations based in Johannesburg and Harare. 

She is responsible for the product formulation of Feso, a revolutionary African hair growth product that, whose paper on the product was published in 2022. 

The products were initially packaged for the broader commercial market and have been in use since January 2014. 


“There is a Pencil in My Hair” is a testament to her dedication to uplifting our identity as black people and reminding us that we are royalty and that our voice counts. - Thandi Miranda 

Hopefully, Dr Kuda Mupawose's book is the beginning of a journey to restore our self-worthiness, self-confidence, self-pride, self-respect and self-love. - Dr Solomon Guramatunhu 


There’s a Pencil In My Hair is available on Amazon in eBook format. It will soon be for sale in hardcopy. 

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