‘Hondo’ by VI The Law, MVPANI, Tulk Munny and Kxng Massey is a hip-hop anthem of bravado and the unrelenting art of penmanship


HIP-HOP music has long been a platform for artists to showcase their lyrical prowess, storytelling abilities, and unique perspectives on life or any other subject. A long-standing tradition of lyrical battles where artists compete to showcase their skills, wit, and creativity. And this is what VI The Law exudes in his latest offering Hondo, which features MVPANI, Tulkmunny and Kxng Massey. 

‘Hondo’ by VI The Law, MVPANI, Tulk Munny and Kxng Massey is a hip-hop anthem of bravado and the unrelenting art of penmanship

The four marvellously good rappers come together to embody the competitive spirit and bravado of battle. Their verses exude confidence and a fierce competitive spirit; with lyrics coated with enough grit to assert dominance in their rap territory. 

Through clever wordplay, sharp derision for competitors, and dynamic flows, they encapsulate the essence of battle rap as they take on all challengers with their razor-sharp lyrics. Their bold raps leave no stone unturned. And that catchy hook—it is magnificently beautiful, and to say this might even be an understatement. 

For them, rap is a battlefield in which they emerge as the conquerors. No adversity, no matter how searing, will deter them from their chosen paths. Kxng Massey makes this point exceedingly clear in his verse. 

MVPANI and Tulkmunny provide solid anchoring for the song, evidence of the magic that flows when rap styles often considered unconventional in some sections converge. 

The four rappers showcase their unique individual skills, confidence, and determination to conquer all challengers who dare to step to them on the mic or in their personal lives.

The art of penmanship, when wielded with proper skill and intention, can be a powerful tool for self-expression, storytelling, and social commentary. And to this effect the artists masterfully crafted their verses to highlight the dangerous essence of their penmanship and assert their dominance in the rap game. It is essentially a hip hop ode to the art of lethal lyricism. 

VI The Law shows us his keen eye for collaborating with irreproachable talent; a gift that regularly shows us throughout his discography. And each of the rappers bring their excellent game to the fore, making Hondo a song you want to listen endlessly. It is that well-crafted. The stories are vivid, the intention is clear, and the chemistry is perfect. 

And we love VI The Law’s shout-out to this publication, we just had to mention it. 

The video for Hondo is a visual display artistic bravery emerging triumphant in unfavourable circumstances – our battles that transcend the confines of ‘the game’ into all aspects of our lives. 

Brought to life by Kxng Massey and Victor Mhonde, the video engenders the truest essence of the rappers’ lyrical disposition—this game is indeed a war. It is a video you can keep coming back to. The four rappers are truly in their element, and we love that. And the way Tafadzwa Madzika shows keen attention for Tulk’s raps in the video? Absolutely brilliant. 

You can watch the video for Hondo by VI The Law, MVPANI and Tulkmunny below and share with the world your thoughts:

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