NEW MUSIC RELEASE: ‘Mary Jane’ by Tidech


TIDECH, also known as Tinotenda Devine Chidewu or Godo, is definitely an exciting talent to watch in the sphere of Zim Hip Hop. His latest release Mary Jane shows an artist who is hungry for the game; and whose name deserves some mention.

Tidech Mary Jane Zim Hip Hop videos

Produced by the talented Savagie Beats, Mary Jane offers a refreshing vibe that departs from Godo's usual lyrical focus on alcohol-related themes. 

Interestingly, in this context, "Mary Jane" refers to marijuana; and how he expresses his undying love for the "meditation" that cannabis inspires. At least according to him.

Tidech, with the help of Sensei Jay, discovered Savagie Beats' instrumental which sparked a creative impetus to go on the mic. And hence we see him celebrating the calming essence of marijuana. Perhaps, Tidech wants to elicit some wider cultural conversations about the substance. 

Mary Jane was recorded at Dj Tornex Studio by Shaps Shereni and meticulously mixed and mastered by Boy Tricky of Roman Rap Studios—delivering a seamless and immersive listening experience for the listener. 

The collaboration behind the scenes has produced a polished gem that highlights Godo's growth as an artist.

The visual storytelling of the accompanying narrative, brought to life by Mandixy Pictures, adds an entertaining layer to Tidech's music. 

Throughout the video, Tidech is teeming with great exuberance; and is unapologetic about his reverence for the herb. 

On the overall, it's a good release from Tidech, showing his admirable growth as a Zim Hip Hop artist. 

You can watch Mary Jane by Tidech below and share with the world your thoughts:

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