ZIMFLIX TEASERS: River Episode 3; Plus Episode 2 Recap


River is a web series produced by Goodshot Films and Inini Media; featuring talented actors like Talent Dombodzvuku, Chidochangu Jo-annah Tenga, Mathius Kureva, and Elsy 'Chyna' Chigwedere. 

The family drama centers around River, an 18 year old school girl who is grappling with the deceit from her divorced parents such that in the absence of the truth, it is difficult for her to release the bitterness she has against her step mother.

The series looks at a commonly occurring domestic issue on marriage separation and how it relates with parents and the children within that setup. 

The show speaks on human values such as the need to belong , the need to accept one’s self and being accepted by others, the truth , the need for esteem, self actualization and acceptance of facts amongst others.

The series gives us a new perspective on how step children are able to antagonize their step parents through manipulation of sensational attitudes from family and the society. 

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Episode 2 Recap

Do we grow as people or do we simply age?

River is faced with crucial decisions to make, and she has to be mature enough to handle the situation. 

She can either move in with her father or remain with her overburdened mother; both of whom can no longer tolerate her wasting her days on her illness.

What will River's choice be? 

Episode 3 Teaser

Never get it mixed up, a home is not a place but a state of mind.

River has moved in with an affluent father, but a relationship is built by communication and respect. 

Watch as family goes through this seemingly simple vicious circle.

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