NEW MUSIC: ‘Crush’ by Kim Makumbe is a poignant rumination on desire and craving


DESIRE is one of the most cogent and universal human emotions, capable of inspiring both great joy and esoteric misery. One of the most bittersweet aspects of attraction is the experience of loving someone you can not have. 

Zimbabwe artist Kim Makumbe releases new music Crush

Whether the person for your affection is already in a committed relationship, lives far away, or simply doesn’t feel the same way-whatever the case, the feeling of wanting someone you can’t have can be intense, and has influenced countless songs. 

In this short piece, we explore the new song Crush by Kim Makumbe.

Kim sits comfortably within the pop/soul genre. A talented singer and songwriter with a lot to prove. 

Following the release of her new single, a painful plea for unrequited desire. 

Kim spills her guts about a non-starter of a relationship.The song’s honest portrayal of the difficulty of desire make it a relatable and powerful.

Lyrically, her evocative imagery exploring the depths of human emotion with grace, poise, power, impeccable vocal control and sensitivity comes to light. 

The song’s haunting refrain – “boy, l got a crush on you but sadly l can't see it through” – captures a deep and complicated feeling of yearning that can arise in the wake of unfortunate one sided desire.

Crush is a beautifully crafted song, with stripped-down arrangement allowing Kim’s voice to take spotlight. 

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