South Africa: Zimbabwean gardener accused of double murder refuses legal counsel


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa- The Zimbabwean man who is being accused of murdering his employer and her nine-year-old son in cold blood in Johannesburg, South Africa last week has refused to get a lawyer.

Murder-accused Pardon Danhire [Image:News24]

Instead, he has opted to defend himself in his murder case.

In a recent court appearance, Pardon Danhire, the 37-year-old accused in the double murder case of Nadine Terblanche (32) and her son Ruandré Vorster (9) appeared in the District Criminal Court at Palmridge Magistrate Court on November 30.

After state prosecutors formally registered two counts of murder on the court’s roll, Danhire bizarrely informed the magistrate of his decision to abandon his right to bail.

Dressed in denim and a black and light white jacket, Danhire declared that he did not wish to be released on bail and consequently abandoned his bail application.

The case has been postponed to January 3, 2024, for further investigation.

Danhire remains in custody as the legal process unfolds. Danhire’s motive for the crime remains unknown.

The Zimbabwean stands accused for the brutal murder of the now deceased victims who were hacked to death in their own home on November 27 in Randhart, an Alberton neighbourhood south of Johannesburg.

Murdered in cold blood: Nadine Terblanche and Ruandré Vorster

The family’s 37-year-old gardener was apprehended by the police after reportedly attacking the long-term boyfriend of Nadine, who is also the house owner. The assailant allegedly brandished an axe and was captured after the father and partner sought help from a security guard.

Nadine and Ruandré’s lifeless bodies were discovered inside their home with severe injuries, and both were declared dead on the scene.







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