‘Kunda’ EP by Mitch Uta – A story of resilience, triumph and artistic excellence


Mitch Uta may be a familiar name to some, but perhaps not on the level he truly desires and envisions. He is one of those names in Zimbabwean R&B/Soul music whose solid growth, though it feels like a slow burn given the intensely competitive nature of the music industry, deserves the limelight. Having dropped his intriguing latest EP, Kunda, which consists of six songs worth your time, we see a talented musician sending a notable statement of intent which cannot be easily glossed over.

Mitch Uta Kunda EP Zimbabwe R&B/Soul Music

With Mitch choosing to root his project in his mother tongue, this eagerly awaited musical body carries with it critical themes of hardships and triumph—effectively making success (with the plethora of connotations the words has), a recurring motif carefully spread throughout the EP. He does fairly well in not making such a motif sound cliché .

With Kunda EP, which runs for a total of 17 minutes, Mitch Uta makes it his mission to take listeners on a broad spectrum of emotional intricacies.

Originally intended to be a sequel to the critically acclaimed All I Wanted, the new EP Kunda has gracefully metamorphosed into a pillar of support as much as it furnishes listeners with a refreshing musical experience—providing consolation to Mitch Uta’s close friends, family, and fans alike during turbulent times.

Mitch Uta Kunda EP Zim RnB/Soul

And in all this, the EP transcends the truism of just being an EP; it is laden with emotional reverberation that resonates with Mitch Uta’s personal journey on an authentic and introspective level.

Mitch Uta hardly misses when it comes to sonic brilliance. In this lively musical odyssey, Mitch Uta displays his versatility by showcasing his mastery in music, production, and videography. With incredible vocals and sultry production oozing traces of improvisions, we see an artist still trudging the path of fully introducing his name to wider audiences.

Not too long ago, Mitch experienced a significant change in his musical path. He released a fantastic EP last year titled Love, Hate Melodies

Many had speculated, as the year came to an end, that Mitch, with his tireless commitment and involvement in other projects, would soon treat his small but dedicated listenership base to a full-length project. His wide range of talents has been exciting to watch, as he devotes his gifts to producing for other artists.

Mitch Uta Zimbabwe music artist released Kunda EP 2023

Owing to his enormous dedication to helping other musicians, it was thought that Mitch might be too preoccupied with these joint endeavours to give his own music undivided attention. But much to everyone's surprise, Mitch has finally given his fans Kunda EP. It may not be much as compared to a Long Play, but for now it will suffice.

Kunda EP can be considered instructive in showing Mitch Uta’s extraordinary dexterity to manage several projects for others, while at the same time showcasing his own creative abilities on his own works. Both new and old fans can take something from this latest offering.

Mari (Money) and All I Need, the foremost singles from Kunda, have already gained solid standing among fans with their enticing instrumentals and moving lyrics. With this EP, Mitch Uta shares personal experiences and embarks on a spiritual journey with his creator. 

As much as it is a personal expression of a complex range of emotions, it is something fans can also relate too without much difficulty. 

It goes beyond what is expected of an EP and is proof of Mitch Uta’s capacity to surmount hurdles in both his personal and musical life. 

The title Kunda shows deliberate diction – ‘kunda’ refers to overcoming challenges in the ChiShona language – and this underscores Mitch Uta’s varied influences and distinctive storytelling, adding a tinge of cultural appreciation to the EP. Phase 1 comes to an end, and anticipation for the thrilling reveal of the next installment in this refreshing music journey is palpable. 

Mitch Uta is steadily cementing his position in the music business as can be gleaned from Kunda, proving his mettle in being a multi-talented artist with a powerful message that deserves more attention.

For those pursuing music that lifts their spirits and speaks to their souls, Kunda EP has the potential of providing such solace. The EP strikes a deep chord with both critics and fans, building anticipation for Phase 2.

But we don’t want to say anything further. We leave it to you to reach your own verdict. You can listen to Kunda EP by Mitch Uta via the link below and share with the world your thoughts:

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