Transport operators in Zimbabwe begin installing speed limiting devices in bid to reduce road traffic accidents


HARARE —In response to Statutory Instrument 118 of 2023, transport operators in Zimbabwe have commenced the installation of speed tracking and limiting devices on their buses. This legislation restricts bus speeds to 100km/h on open roads.

transport operators in zimbabwe instal speed tracking and limiting devices to reduce accidents

Samson Nhanhanga, chairperson of the Zimbabwe Passenger Transport Organisation (ZIPTO), stated that the goal is to decrease accidents by 30% by 2025.

As an association, we are working with VID, the Traffic Safety Council and all the relevant ministries and departments which are concerned with road issues,” he said.

We donated speed monitoring devices and they can work on any bus and it works with a tracker.

We have talked to Econet Wireless to integrate the whole system with other stakeholders so that at the end of the day all buses can be on one platform.

The association is collaborating with VID, the Traffic Safety Council, and other relevant ministries and departments on road safety issues.

ZIPTO has donated speed monitoring devices that are compatible with all buses and work in conjunction with a tracker. They have also engaged Econet Wireless to integrate the system with other stakeholders, aiming for a unified platform for all buses.

The project, involving the police and other stakeholders, is underway at Harare Central Police Station. Other participants include the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development and the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ).

Nhanhanga also said that despite some challenges experience, the pilot project is progressing favourably, with control room personnel able to monitor bus locations. 

Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi, spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP), stated that the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructural Development has included the police in the Zimbabwe Management Transport Information System (ZIMTIS) project. This initiative addresses speeding and compliance with road rules and regulations.

Nyathi expressed support for transporters who have requested police assistance in monitoring their buses using technology. He encouraged other transporters to participate in this ongoing project.

In June this year, Statutory Instrument 118 of 2023 was enacted by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development (MOTID) as road traffic accidents in Zimbabwe are on the rise.

This piece of legislation mandates the installation of speed limit and monitoring devices on passenger public service vehicles (buses/kombis) and other heavy vehicles for the purposes of achieving public safety. 

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