‘Sungano’ by Boy Nino, Bagga, Kayflow and Tatenda LXA is the call to unity we all need


Close your eyes and see, we could be free”. These are the opening lines to Sungano, the new song and video released by Boy Nino alongside Bagga, Kayflow, and Tatenda LXA—words that compel one to closely introspect their material realities in the context of the current state of the world.

Sungano official video - Boy Nino, Bagga, Kayflow and Tatenda LXA

The new single is the embodiment of what powerful imagination looks like when poured into a song. Sungano, as the overarching motif of the release, is in this context a terse rallying call to unity, given the obstacles we all face in life. 

The fact that there are four artists on one song is an attestation to the powerful concept called collaboration—unity. And this is further complemented by the fact that the song’s inspiring and heart-moving lyrics are delivered in three major languages Zimbabwe is accustomed to: Ndebele, Shona, and English. 

It makes the message [of unity] valid. The artists incline towards what could be political statements; but in the grand scheme of things, it is a cry for society to shed off its moribund social structures and gesture towards solidarity that leads to progressive social cohesion.

And the fact that this is coming from young musicians in Zimbabwe whose musical influences have traversed all sections of Zimbabwe’s overall listenership makes Sungano a worthwhile attempt. Such messages are sorely needed. 

The video exudes hues of the ‘aesthetic of unity’ or ‘aesthetic of subaltern solidarity’. Which is all right. But the video transcends all of these fanciful videography techniques to preach a simple yet concrete message: we should be united. 

There are some moments throughout the video where you feel goosebumps. 

Tatenda LXA’s production is laudable—he rose to the task, furnishing a sound that accommodates Boy Nino, Bagga, and Kayflow to showcase their best capabilities.

The powerful imagery of raising fists in the air vindicates and matches the lyrics of solidarity layed over catchy rap flows. 

By all accounts, Sungano is a commendable effort to infuse socially relevant messages in the course of mainstream sounds. And we hope this may lead towards more attempts to break the conventional; to deliver content that makes one pause and reflect about everything going on around them. 

You can watch the video for Sungano by Boy Nino, Bagga, Kayflow and Tatenda LXA:

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