NPA Investigates Over 100 People Suspected of Illegally Acquiring Assets Worth US$70 Million

HARARE – The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is investigating over 100 people suspected of illegally acquiring assets worth US$70 million through money laundering and other illicit financial deals. 

The NPA has made more applications for unexplained wealth orders and is currently handling 30 cases where assets involving US$20 million are pending further investigations. 

In addition, there are 12 court applications for forfeiture of assets valued at US$15.5 million. The NPA also has 21 asset forfeiture cases, where they expect to seize properties worth US$10.8 million through the Asset Forfeiture Unit (AFU). 

Furthermore, a request for international cooperation for the recovery of assets worth US$2.7 million is underway, as well as investigations into properties valued at US$3 million. The NPA is handling 25 cases with preservation court orders for assets worth US$9.3 million.

In light of these developments, the NPA has filed five appeals against forfeiture orders worth US$1.4 million and two appeals against reinstatement of warrant of arrest. A preservation order is a legal document instructing the person under investigation not to destroy property, alter or delete any documents helpful to the sender. It prevents spoliation – destruction, alteration or mutilation of evidence. 

Munyeriwa said: “Five appeals against forfeiture orders worth US$1,4 million and two appeals against reinstatement of warrant of arrest are filed at the Supreme Court.

“There is another application for declaration of constitutional invalidity of the Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Civil Forfeiture Provisions, which is pending at the Constitutional Court.

“Assets involved in the Constitutional Court case involve US$250 000.”

The NPA said the Prosecutor-General filed an appeal against the release of exhibits worth US$300 000 at the High Court.

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