Drastick The Authentic shares critical reflections in new song ‘Life’


The Sunningdale based rapper Drastick The Authentic remains indebted to the economy of critical consciousness. He is a powerful voice whose raps pierce the most tender parts of our souls.  

The new song and video called Life is his maiden installment this year, setting the ball rolling for a couple of more singles, he told The Zimbabwe Sphere.

The song Life is ideally rap projecting a somber mood to effectively provoke reflection in every heart and soul his word can reach. 

The lyrics relay contemporary socio-economic realities which are largely undesirable and have nullified hope among the youth, a hope that they can achieve their dreams. 

Drastick addresses a crisis much closer to home of substance problematic use in the society.

He reconciles the narrations of hardship with emphatic articulation of the inner ability and capacity for individuals to ascertain agency amid life’s many storms. 

The video of the song needed not more than Drastick alone and the idea to do so adds to genius artistry. In such a manner the rapper managed to exhaust the idea of self-consciousness.

The song life is a relevant creation given the turmoil endured by most and unbeknownst to any other than oneself. 

To Drastick his escape is a pen and paper away which signifies the crucial role played by agency within individuals to position ourselves in a place where we can determine our own fate.

Watch the video for the song Life by Drastick the Authentic using  below and share with us your thoughts:

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