Daddi Rankin: The Dancehall Don Who Shines a Light on Social Issues


Daddi Rankin, formerly known as Mega Yhut, is a Zimbabwean dancehall artist who has undergone a massive transformation in his musical career. 

Daddi Rankin once known as Mega Yhut
‘There is always need for a rebrand...’ Daddi Rankin speaks 

He has rebranded himself as a conscious and constructive voice in the industry, tackling the rampant drug and substance abuse among artists and the community at large.

Daddi Rankin has collaborated with several prominent artists in the past, such as the late Soul Jah Love, Guspy Warrior, Chris 9T9, and Gzzy, to name a few. 

He has learned from their experiences and refined his craft to suit the changing trends and patterns of the audience. 

He has also drawn inspiration from the legendary Jamaican dancehall star Shabba Ranks, whose name he pays homage to in his new stage name.

In an interview with Zimsphere, Daddi Rankin explained the reason behind his rebranding and his new musical direction.

He said that he wanted to address the social issues that affect the future generation through his music, and to use his influence as an artist to positively impact the society. He also said that rebranding was a necessary step for him as a business entity, as he had to adapt to the evolving market and audience demands.

Daddi Rankin recently released his new single titled 'Mangwana' (Tomorrow), which showcases his vocal prowess and catchy melodies. 

The song is a motivational anthem that encourages his listeners to persevere in their daily endeavors and to look forward to a brighter future. 

It is rich in cultural elements and reflects Daddi Rankin's vision of creating music that is relevant, uplifting, and entertaining.

Here is a link to the new track by Daddi Rankn - ''Mangwana''

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