Young Gemini Picks Form With New Music And Videos for ‘Trust’ and ‘Drama’


The reigning best female rapper (Zim Hip Hop Awards 2022) Young Gemini, born Tania Seremwe, has bounced back with two scintillating music videos for the tracks Trust and Drama

Young Gemini female rapper musical artist trust drama music videos

Young Gemini rose to stardom with a profoundly hard-hitting rap style blind to parochial gender tropes which lured hip hop fanatics. 

Her steady and deserved rise (seemingly, or rather ironically, reflecting a nascent talent in the making) is fast establishing firm grip on ZimHipHop’s growing mainstream accord. 

Post-2022 success, Young Gemini’s fate would endure a tragic tide with the loss of a child and to whom she dedicated the song Mae

Her misfortune has gracefully inclined towards a healing trajectory as evidenced by the energy in her recent double drop. 

The track Drama relates to the trendy sonic pattern characterized by familiar drill beats and a laudable strand of lyricism that borrows from prevailing street lingo. 

She narrates the vicissitudes of university life—young adult life in essence—as dramatic as can be. 

The other video for the song Trust is a simple dare to a desired loved one who is usually insecure about going in deep. 

Young Gemini embodies colorful vibes and the dreams and realities of the young. The path is thorny but worthwhile.

Check Young Gemin’s recent music videos, Trust and Drama, below and remember to share your feedback with the world:

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