RETRO REVIEWS: ‘Mustard Seed’ by Nutty O – A message on faith, love, and success


Ability Extension. That is a terse but powerful way of describing the intellection with which Nutty O delicately infuses in his music. And the 2021 album Mustard Seed is a bold attestation to this this.

Nutty O mustard seed album

The Safe hitmaker’s wildly popular album has an Afro-dancehall feel, heavily fused with notable elements of pop. This rightly begs the question why Nutty O opted such a sound for a full length project, when it is common knowledge that he is a great dancehall chanter. Perhaps, the answer to that question in the title of the album.


The color mustard symbolizes creativity, intellect, and diversity. Yellow is a color associated with sun. It embodies and exudes optimism, energy, joy, happiness and friendship/relationship. On the contrary, yellow can indicate jealousy or betrayal but Nutty O was not talking about any of that.

The album is in three sections. Faith, Love and Success. The prayer or faith section has Safe, Peter Pan,Open Doors. The Love section of the album has tracks like Finesse, Be my girl, Shoulder, Safe, Kokorigo, Ready. Nutty O switched things a notch with the sound. There’s a reggae tune there on the section about success and commitment. The songs are Success, Trouble in The City, Handipere Power.

The project is a mixture of creativity, intellect and diversity. That’s why the different sounds and fusions on top of several different subject matter.


The mustard seed is mentioned several times throughout the Bible as a symbol of faith. Humble beginnings and faith can flourish into full-fledged devotion. The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that a person took and sowed in a field. It is the smallest of all the seeds, yet when full-grown it is the largest of plants.

Although the seed is a symbol of faith in Christianity, it also to signifies good luck in the secular community. Either way, it is clear what the ABX YuT is trying to communicate in the FAITH part of the project.

In the song ‘Peter Pan’ he begins with asking God in a prayer to be able to uplift other people. The really small mustard seed that grew into a large beacon of hope or light for his community. He mentions how many people look up to him whether family or public and he has the reach. It’s important to note that Nutty O is not only speaking of himself but also on behalf of everyone on the same path.


A seed needs to be planted in fertile soil—hearts need to be prepared to nurture and care for the heart of your partner. Just as the soil needs to be protected, hearts need to be guarded against feelings of jealousy, anger, resentment, and boredom.

The seed needs to be watered and fertilized—attention and care need to be spent on it. The same is true of relationships.

On the hit ‘Safe’, Nutty O speaks of different types of relationships and how people are want to feel safe and out of harm’s reach. It’s also a prayer and a COVID-19 anthem.

On ‘Shoulder’ he professes willingness to bear the burden of his significant other and how that is reciprocated.

On ‘Finnesse’ he is showing his pride for what his woman is. The point of this section of the album is for relationships to bloom they need to be treated as delicately as farmers with their crop and land.


Ironically the first track in this section is called Success and it features Ghana’s superstar Stonebwoy. Tamuka still managed to fuse reggae and an element of Western pop on Trouble In The City. Master level production on that song. ‘Handipere Power’ is Nutty O in his bag. From the sound to his demeanor. He sounds very comfortable doing dancehall.

All in all that whole section speaks more of Commitment to putting work in and achieving some goals. The whole album in Essence is Nutty O’s commitment to his FAITH and everything he believes in, his RELATIONSHIPS and his hunger for SUCCESS.

Mustard Seed is a well thought out project. Delivered in such a way that it’s a reflection of each one of us. 

At least for the most part. It’s everything Mustard Seed and the producers made sure it fit that Title. It cut through several genres because of the different sound fusions and it seems people do really appreciate the project.

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