Nostalgic, Celestial and Futuristic Lo-Fi and Animation in ‘Tsutopia Vol. 1’ by Tsu, With VI The Law and Geko


With a refreshingly authentic flair of celestial sonic projections and lavish animation, Tsutopia Vol. 1 is definitely the audio-visual project you longingly desire to lend your ears, eyes, and heart to.

Tsutopia by Tsu
'Tsutopia'. Lovely concept, ain't it? 

And, such a soothing listenership/viewership experience is simple really; laden with profoundly understated elegance: For ‘TSUTOPIA’ can be defined as “an imagined place or state of things in which everything is curated by/for TSU.”

Thus, what do we have here? Of course, without much circumvention, what we have a TSUTOPIA.

That is, Tsu’s Utopia. A utopia for others, too.

Zimbabwean eclectic short-form content creator Tsu has released a collaborative sonic and animation project, Tsutopia Vol. 1 with VI The Law & Geko); which encapsulates a calming aura of nostalgic and relaxation sensations for Tsu, a 90s black girl.

We see Tsu, in her artistically sacral element, curating imaginative yet tangible perceptions in her desired ethereal zone – her own Utopia. Hence, Tsutopia.

And, as such, the idea behind this lovely project is simply providing, with the kindest creative generosity, resplendent Lo-Fi instrumentals for others to birth their own utopias and revel in them.

It thus becomes a shared vision; a shared reality.

And the fact that it is a collaborative project in which the amazingly talented and innovative VI The Law and Geko (who is VI The Law’s younger brother) bring their A-Game to smoothly complement Tsu’s futuristic visage bears testimony to this. In that beautifully magnificent and relaxing art is apportioned its apt meaning and impact by dint of a shared sense of community and belonging. Collaboration.

Put crisply, delightful art, dashed with a splendiferous aura of the picturesque, comes to life through a strongly independent sense of individuality and a charm-radiating love for collaboration.

This is what Tsutopia Vol. 1 – a project with three enchanting lo-fi instrumental tracks adorned with ravishing animation – is all about. And it’s so much more, really.

It draws in the listener and viewer to create their own utopias. It is as powerfully imaginative as it can get – the gifted creatives here do away with a tense and stiff atmosphere while gloriously exuding their ability to decompress lingering feelings of angst.

Tsutopia Vol. 1 is as calming as it is also a soothing avenue of loosening up and being productive. It is why we love it. And it is brilliantly futuristic.

As much as the project is fashioned for nostalgic sentiments, it is futuristic at the same time. Ambidextrous, certainly.

Listen and watch Tsutopia Vol 1 animated lo-fi instrumentals by Tsu, VI The Law, and Geko via the YouTube link below and share with the world your sentiment:

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